MSI Mold Builders Cedar Rapids Facility

Partnering with TPM to Optimize Mold Building at MSI Mold Builders

MSI Mold Builders has a storied history spanning over half a century, specializing in the design and manufacturing of medium to large plastic injection and structural foam molds.
Transitioning to 3DEXPERIENCE Login and DSx.Client Care & Order

Deep Dive: Transitioning to 3DEXPERIENCE Login and DSx.Client Care & Order

What is DSx.Client Care & Order? DSx.Client Care & Order is a new unified portal designed to provide administrative and support services to SOLIDWORKS Administrators and Subscription Service Users. With this change, your organization’s licenses will now be managed through this new portal, eliminating the need to access the old customer or admin portal. All previous administrators and members of the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal have already been transferred to the DSx.Client Care and Order Portal as contacts. Any new employees will need to be added by a Security Administrator. About Roles and Access within DSx DSx incorporates roles that determine […]
Solidworks 2D Drawing

3 Tips and Tricks for 2D Sketching in SOLIDWORKS

2D sketching forms the foundation of any SOLIDWORKS design. It allows you to create precise and accurate profiles that serve as the building blocks for 3D models. Mastering 2D sketching techniques not only enhances your efficiency but also ensures better design outcomes. In this blog post, we will explore three essential tips and tricks to improve your 2D sketching skills in SOLIDWORKS. 1. Utilize Sketch Constraints What does it mean to constrain a Solidworks sketch? To create a CAD model, it’s crucial to begin with well-defined sketches that form the basis for developing 3D geometry. Ensuring accuracy and preserving design […]

The Top 5 Tools in SolidWorks You Didn’t Know You Needed

SolidWorks is a comprehensive and versatile software that offers a wide range of tools and features to help designers and engineers create 3D models and assemblies. While many users are familiar with the basic tools and functionalities of SolidWorks, some features are often overlooked or underused but can significantly improve productivity and efficiency. Here are the top 5 most underused tools in SolidWorks: Custom Property Tab Builder: In SolidWorks, Custom Property Tab Builder is a built-in tool that allows users to create custom property tabs within the software. Custom property tabs are user interfaces that provide quick access to custom […]