Guiding Midmarket Manufacturing Companies into the Digital Future

TPM guides midmarket manufacturers through the journey of digital transformation by applying the latest software, hardware, and services, enabling people to maximize their potential, positioning companies for growth, and improving engineering processes.

Digital transformation has many benefits for manufacturers, but many struggle to adopt and benefit from it

Digital transformation: the key to sustained growth for midmarket manufacturers

By leveraging powerful digital solutions to optimize designs and production, manufacturers can achieve radical improvements in productivity, attract the next generation of engineers, and gain a valuable edge in the global economy. By prioritizing speed, innovation, and digital transformation, these companies can position themselves for sustained success and growth in an increasingly digital world.

Manufacturers who stick with traditional methods will not be competitive in tomorrow's market

Despite growth, many firms have outdated technology stacks and processes, leading to scattered data, manual processes, and errors. This disconnected system also results in executives lacking visibility and struggling with decision-making.

Resistance to change, a shortage of technical skills, and a lack of change management expertise further hinder progress. As a result, companies find it challenging to maximize the value of their people and leverage technology for business improvement.

SOLIDWORKS Design Software

TPM is a one-stop shop for midmarket manufacturers seeking faster growth and increased profitability through the adoption of digital technologies


SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software for manufacturers
DriveWorks Design Automation and CPQ Software for Manufacturers


Markforged Additive Manufacturing 3D Printers
HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer
3D Systems Additive Manufacturing
Artec 3D Laser Scanning Solutions

Professional Services

Product Lifecycle Consulting

Integration Services

Data Migration

Production Services

Leveraging the right 3D CAD software is game-changing for manufacturers looking to design faster and innovate

Modern workforces do not accept slow and ineffective legacy tools and workflows.

TPM sells and supports multiple SOLIDWORKS products, including 3D CAD, PDM, Simulation, Manage, Electrical, Visualize, and more.

Our SOLIDWORKS experts have years of experience in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and other industries.

TPM’s expertise does not end with SOLIDWORKS. It begins with SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software for manufacturers

Digital product design data integration ensures the right design data is always in the right place at the right time

While products may be your company’s output, data is its lifeblood.

We understand the various interconnected aspects of a manufacturing company and why engineering/product data is so important.

Design tools create data that must be shared with other systems.

We create actionable, single sources of truth for all your product/CAD data.


Design Automation eliminates repetitive, non-value-added engineering

DriveWorks Design Automation is an all-in-one solution that frees engineers from tedious tasks to focus on true value-added activity. It allows users to complete designs that used to take weeks or months in just a few minutes. This powerful “no-code” software is online- and integrations-ready, making it an excellent choice for organizations looking to improve their design processes and streamline workflows.

See if DriveWorks can automate your product using the configurability spectrum slider to the right.

Product Configurability Spectrum


"Catalog" of Variation

Lightly Configurable

Moderately Configurable

Highly Configurable


Truly 1-Off

No design to automate. 

Automate selecting options, configurations and other minor changes.

Automate the control of various physical design elements like size, features, material type.

Enhanced automation of assemblies, controlling for interrelated design criteria.

Generate complex assemblies and layouts with multiple tiers of considerations.

Challenge the notion of custom; generate novel design content and structures on the fly.

No basis for reusable design intent.

Additive Manufacturing provides agility to midsized companies looking to transform their businesses

Companies can bring previously outsourced part production in-house when dealing with supply chain issues, JIT manufacturing, economic uncertainty, component cost increases, etc.

TPM has expertise in all phases of the design cycle, including reverse engineering (scanning), CAD modeling, DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing), part production, and secondary post-processing.

We have a broad portfolio of additive solutions that challenge manufacturers to think differently and enable us to provide the right product to the right application.

Additive Manufacturing Portfolio

Markforged Additive Manufacturing 3D Printers
HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer
3D Systems Additive Manufacturing

Configure-Price-Quote delivers a fully digital customer experience

  • Modern customers increasingly expect a fluid, interactive and informative procurement experience
  • We create a fully integrated platform that connects your customers to your downstream CAD and production operations
  • We digitize the entire quote/order/production process and make it available to your customers and partners through your website
  • DriveWorks excels at managing deep user input feedback cycles required to correctly specify complex configurable products
  • Effective CPQ systems require the bespoke application of modern web, cloud and database technologies.
    TPM has in-house expertise for all of these
DriveWorks Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) example
DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS Automation and configuration software

The TPM Digital Manufacturing Maturity Model allows us to prioritize and sequence digitalization initiatives

The TPM Digital Manufacturing Maturity Model is our proven framework for prioritizing and sequencing digitalization initiatives.

By assessing your company’s current level of digital maturity and developing a tailored technology roadmap, we ensure that your digital transformation journey is guided by a methodology that delivers real business outcomes.

With TPM, you can be confident that you’re focusing on the initiatives that will have the greatest impact on your business.

The TPM Digital Manufacturing Maturity Model Allows Us to Prioritize and Sequence Digitalization Initiatives

We guide manufacturing companies just like you

Michelin North America
U.S. Army
Stanley Black & Decker
BMW Automotive
Trex Performance Decking Manufacturer

Case Study: Partnering with TPM to Optimize Mold Building at MSI Mold Builders

MSI Mold Builders has a storied history spanning over half a century, specializing in the design and manufacturing of medium to large plastic injection and structural foam molds. Catering to diverse sectors – from consumer products to automotive and medical industries – their molds find use globally. With its corporate headquarters in Cedar Rapids, IA, and a manufacturing facility in Greenville, South Carolina, MSI Mold Builders is a recognized name in the industry.

In the words of Kevin Kessinger, Director of Engineering at MSI Mold Builders, this case study provides insight into the company’s experience partnering with TPM to streamline its mold design processes.

Partnering with TPM to Optimize Mold Building at MSI Mold Builders

Why digital transformation with TPM?

We focus exclusively on midmarket manufacturers who are growing, lack the internal expertise to improve everything themselves, and need help from partners.

Our consultative approach lets us understand your business needs, identify and prioritize goals, develop a roadmap to achieve ongoing success, then guide you along your journey of continuous success.

Our expert staff can analyze your processes, then implement and integrate unique solutions to optimize your operations.

Unlike firms offering deep expertise for a single vendor, TPM is a one-stop-shop that can uniquely impact the entire lifecycle of the product design process for manufacturers.