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Partnering with TPM to Optimize Mold Building at MSI Mold Builders

MSI Mold Builders Cedar Rapids Facility

“I hope that other customers enjoy the personal relationship with TPM in the same way that I have.”

Kevin Kessinger, Director of Engineering, MSI Mold Builders

About MSI Mold Builders

MSI Mold Builders has a storied history spanning over half a century, specializing in the design and manufacturing of medium to large plastic injection and structural foam molds. Catering to diverse sectors – from consumer products to automotive and medical industries – their molds find use globally. With its corporate headquarters in Cedar Rapids, IA, and a manufacturing facility in Greenville, South Carolina, MSI Mold Builders is a recognized name in the industry.

In the words of Kevin Kessinger, Director of Engineering at MSI Mold Builders, this case study provides insight into the company’s experience partnering with TPM to streamline its mold design processes.

The Partnership

MSI Mold Builders have been engaging with TPM for nearly two decades. The collaboration initially started with MSI Mold Builder’s need for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software in their Greenville, South Carolina office, and the partnership quickly flourished due to the excellent services and support provided by TPM. TPM ensured MSI never felt like a “small market user” and always provided prompt and proactive responses.

Kessinger remarked, “TPM offers a great relationship. I view their staff as friends who connect more with the customer and often proactively reach out to ensure they are touching base. This personal relationship makes a big difference.”

The Implementation

One of the significant aspects of the partnership was the integration of DriveWorks into MSI Mold Builders’ processes. According to Kessinger, the interaction between TPM and MSI Mold Builders during this implementation has been outstanding. The technical team at TPM emerged as a crucial asset, enabling the success of the DriveWorks product at MSI. The result has been a smooth and linear implementation process that is broad in scope.

Further, MSI Mold Builders leverages SOLIDWORKS for its designs, and the adoption of SOLIDWORKS has been enhanced through training and support offered by TPM.

The Impact

The partnership with TPM and the consequent adoption of SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks has substantially benefited MSI. For one, SOLIDWORKS has dramatically reduced the design time of molds. By leveraging the industry’s leading 3D CAD solution, internal adoption of the software has been great. Moreover, TPM’s live training courses have made the onboarding process for new hires simpler and more efficient, enabling new engineers to reach a higher level of design capabilities.

As the final implementation of DriveWorks is completed, it is anticipated to streamline the design process further, enhancing MSI Mold Builder’s productivity and efficiency.

Kessinger appreciated TPM’s dual strength of having technical and sales expertise, “A lot of technical companies don’t value that, but TPM shines on the sales side, and having someone to facilitate questions or constantly look for ways TPM can help has been fantastic.”


MSI Mold Builders’ experience with TPM has been overwhelmingly positive. Kevin Kessinger hopes other manufacturers can enjoy the same personal and professional relationships they have built.
Regarding the results, SOLIDWORKS has made hiring easier and enabled MSI to elevate its users to a higher level of design. TPM has been instrumental in these transitions, proving to be an excellent partner for MSI Mold Builders. In Kevin’s words, TPM is “a good basket to put your eggs in” with its superb blend of technical and personal services.

Reflecting on the long-standing partnership, Kessinger offers a piece of advice for other manufacturers, “Being technical in the manufacturing field is a must, and TPM, with its skilled technical staff and fantastic sales side, is a worthy partner for your journey.”