AMT Digital Post-Production Hardware Systems

We offer two types of AMT post-production systems to increase the finish and quality of your 3D printed parts. AMT hardware is compatible with powder-bed and filament-based printed technologies, including HP MJF technology.

A 3D printed bracket showing carbon fiber reinforcement

Built for Additive Manufacturing

Take your 3D parts beyond the 3D printer with high-quality, smooth surfaces from the AMT PostPro digital production technology platform. The platform is built for additive manufacturing and automates the manual steps traditionally associated with low volume and prototyping post-processing. Experience an effortless smoothing process.
AMT PostPro DP PRO Post-Production Hardware System

Post-Production Hardware that Scales With You

AMT’s PostPro line of post-production machines offers flexibility for printed parts, from low volume prototyping to high volume production and continuous automation.

PostPro Chemical Vapor Smoothing

PostPro vapor smoothing technology creates vapor-smoothed parts with a smooth surface finish and an injection-molded look and feel. Because the process is non-line-of-sight, the technology can smooth complex part surfaces and internal cavities without degrading mechanical performance or properties.
Vapor Smoothed 3D printed helmet before smoothingVapor Smoothed 3D printed helmet after smoothing

PostPro SF50

PostPro SF50 is a chemical vapor smoothing solution for post-processing thermoplastic 3D printed parts. Developed for quick and efficient post-processing of prototypes and smaller part sizes, it includes advanced features for a more efficient user and production experience. It’s plug-and-play with Industry 4.0 automation and can seamlessly connect with external MES and ERP systems.
AMT PostPro SF50
AMT PostPro SF100

PostPro SF100

AMT’s Post Pro SF100 is a game-changing, industry-leading, benchmark-setting chemical vapor smoothing machine made for Manufacturers.

The PostPro SF100 is for high volume production, with a processing chamber of 100 liters and Industry 4.0 automation. Its compact and ergonomic form takes up less valuable operating space. PostPro SF100 enhances your surfaces, creating beautiful parts with improved mechanical performance. It also seals the surface, enabling easy cleaning, dyeing, and coating while keeping dimensional accuracy without marks from fixtures.

PostPro Depowdering & Shot Blasting System

AMT’s automated depowdering systems work to fully clean parts for use in other post-processing steps. The machines have a high throughput, cleaning large batches of parts in less than 10 minutes.

PostPro DP MAX

PostPro DP MAX is a 2-in-1 system that automatically depowders and shot blasts parts. The depowdering machine is designed for maximum efficiency with continuous tumble belt technology for high throughput. The system sits at an ergonomic working height and is front loading with reversible belt control for automated loading and unloading of parts. The PostPro DP MAX can be connected with external Manufacturing Execution Systems and can communicate and integrate with other EMS in a production workflow.
AMT PostPro DP Max
AMT PostPro DP Pro

PostPro DP PRO

The PostPro DP PRO is the ideal solution for washing or shot blasting parts hour after hour, reducing time and cost-intensive interventions in your post-processing chain.

Clean Large Parts Quickly and Easily

The large basket size allows for optimization of the blasting angle, making it easier to clean parts quickly and efficiently. Once you have found the ideal recipe for blasting your parts, you can store the settings and reuse them again and again. PostPro DP PRO has a dedicated manual blasting area for cleaning large parts quickly without needing to make changes to your automated blasting area.

PostPro DP

The PostPro DP has everything you need to start your automated post-processing journey at affordable pricing. PostPro DP is a robust machine that is built to last with an operator-friendly basket height.
AMT PostPro DP

Looking to Outsource a 3D Printing Job?

Are you looking to have a 3D part printed for you? TPM has you covered! Our expert team of engineers, year over year, produce parts for a multitude of clients. As the leader in outsourced 3D printing, you’re in the right hands!