Autodesk Civil 3D

Design Automation Software for Civil Engineers

What is Civil 3D?

Looking to design infrastructure that will stand the test of time? Autodesk Civil 3D is the perfect software for the job. You can make better design decisions and ensure project quality with a model-based environment.

Streamline documentation with a design-driven approach to plan production. And with the power of BIM, you can coordinate designs and collaborate on projects like never before.

  • Supports workflows for various civil engineering projects, including roads and highways, rail, bridges and tunnels, site development, and storm and sanitary networks.
  • Civil engineers, civil designers, and other civil infrastructure professionals acquire better, more innovative project outcomes.
  • Automation tools to help streamline your workflows and reduce time spent in the design process.

What is Civil 3D?

Civil 3D Key Features

  • Terrain Modeling

    Civil 3D offers powerful terrain modeling tools to create digital models of topography for land-use studies, transportation system planning, and water flow simulations.

  • Corridor Modeling

    With Civil 3D’s corridor modeling tools, you can create dynamic models of highways, roads, and rail tracks that include rich data visualizations.

  • Intersection Design

    Civil 3D’s intersection design tools let you create dynamic models of T-shaped or 4-way intersections and roundabouts.

  • Drainage Design and Analysis

    You can easily create stormwater and sewer designs using the drainage design features in Civil 3D. You can define pipeline paths and then check the results against design criteria.

  • Plan Production and Documentation

    Engineers can quickly generate construction documents from drawings, including plan/profile views or plans-only or profile-only sheets.

  • Design Automation

    The software offers a range of design automation tools to help streamline your workflows and reduce time spent in the design process.

The Various Ways You Can Use Civil 3D

Quickly adapt to changes and streamline design processes.

Seamlessly connect your design plans to production, automate your design process, streamline analysis and optimization, and support BIM throughout the project lifecycle.
Quickly adapt to changes and streamline design processes - Autodesk Civil 3D
Reinvent the way you design bridges, roads, tunnels, and more - Civil 3D

Reinvent the way you design bridges, roads, tunnels, and more.

Civil engineers can use the software for various projects, like roads and highways, railroads, bridges, and tunnels. It’s also useful for site development workflows and stormwater or sanitary sewer systems.

Making working together easier than ever.

Keep your team updated and on schedule, no matter where they are, with Collaboration for Civil 3D and BIM Collaborate Pro.
Collaboration for Civil 3D

Get the most out of Civil 3D with extensions.

You may need to buy or subscribe to another Autodesk product to use some extensions.
Quickly adapt to changes and streamline design processes - Civil 3D

Grading Optimization

Grading Optimization can automate lengthy grading processes, find the best solutions by exploring different options, and allow you to return to Civil 3D to finalize the design.
Project Explorer for Civil 3D

Project Explorer for Civil 3D

Project Explorer enables you to interact with design models more efficiently.
Geotechnical Modeler

Geotechnical Modeler

You can easily and efficiently see and study geotechnical data, then put that information to use right away in your design.
PPK Survey for Civil 3D

PPK Survey for Civil 3D

You can import survey data from a base station and rover and convert it to points in a Civil 3D drawing. This process is known as coordinate geometry or “co-geo.”
Connector for ArcGIS

Connector for ArcGIS

The ArcGIS Civil 3D integration allows you to bring GIS data into your Civil 3D drawings, edit the content, and save it to ArcGIS. You can also export Civil 3D data for use in other applications.
Collaboration for Civil 3D

Collaboration for Civil 3D

With Civil 3D, you and your team can work on projects from any location at any time. Keep everyone in the loop with changes so that design alterations are clear to all involved.
Autodesk Vehicle Tracking

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking

Several tools can help predict how a vehicle will move when steering. These tools can be used to design layouts for aircraft, light rail vehicles, and parking. They can also be used to create designs for roundabouts.

Autodesk AEC Collection

You can save money when you purchase Civil 3D as part of a bundle.

Connect tools for context modeling, concepting, and detailed design to improve decision-making. Coordinate horizontal and vertical design projects. Support multi-discipline processes with a cloud-based common data environment.

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