Pinnacle Series E-Learning Platform

At TPM, we’re proud to highlight our partnership with the Pinnacle Series Online learning platform. This union augments our TPM1 Program with an expansive range of AEC content, including videos, workflows, documents, and tailored learning paths. Elevate your AEC knowledge journey with the TPM1 Program.

AEC Software Training

TPM is excited to introduce the Pinnacle Series and Pinnacle Lite, premier e-learning platforms meticulously designed for the AEC industry.

These platforms offer a vast array of expert on-demand training, providing top-notch content for architects and engineers. This includes industry-leading enablement in Revit, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Bluebeam, and more.

Notably, the Pinnacle Series is integral to our TPM1 Program Enterprise level, while Pinnacle Lite shines within our TPM1 Program Premier level.

Why Choose TPM's Online Learning Experience?

Elevate your team’s proficiency and product awareness through our curated content, designed to boost skills and capabilities.

Your Personal Success Guide

With every Enterprise account, we match you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). Their mission? Ensure the seamless adoption, engagement, and integration of Pinnacle Series in your organization.

AEC Expertise at Its Best

Our content isn’t generic; it’s a masterpiece. Expertly designed, it caters specifically to the nuances and needs of the AEC industry.

Tools That Deliver, Fast

We’re all about efficiency. Our features are geared to offer impactful results in a short span.

Make It Yours

Our platform isn’t just another off-the-shelf solution. Customize it, add to it, and make it resonate with your brand and unique company standards. It’s flexible to grow with you.

Personalized Training Journeys

Every individual is unique, and so should be their training. We assist in crafting a tailored training program pinpointing individual development and job requirements.

Pick Your Pinnacle

We’ve got the right fit for you, no matter your business size, from sprouting startups to industry titans. Pick Pinnacle Lite included in our TPM1 Program Premier level, or go all out with the Pinnacle Series, integrated into our TPM1 Program Enterprise tier.

Top Pinnacle Series Features

A Library of Top-Notch AEC Training Materials

At TPM, we’re not about skimming the surface. Our partnership with Pinnacle Series ensures that you receive in-depth training resources, spanning from Civil 3D, Revit, to AutoCAD, BIM 360, Bluebeam and beyond.

Dive into a sea of courses, videos, documents, and workflows – all curated by experts in the industry. No matter the software you lean on or role you perform, our library has a chapter for it.

Your Content, Your Way

Harness the expertise within your own organization. With the Pinnacle platform under the TPM1 Program umbrella, designate administrators and domain specialists to pool in insights from your seasoned team members.

Populate Pinnacle with your own internal guides, training videos, and any content that holds value. Fancy a tweak to the existing content? Customize it to align with your brand’s voice and vision.

Engagement Meets Knowledge

Interactivity isn’t just for social media. The Pinnacle Series e-learning ecosystem encourages users to not just consume but also engage. Like, share, comment – all within the confines of your organization.

But, there’s more: our administrators can conjure private Work Groups, sharing insights with select members, or even inviting external collaborators like subcontractors. And they get to pitch in without accessing the entirety of the e-learning platform. Collaboration with a touch of exclusivity – that’s the TPM way.

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