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TPM's Bluebeam Revu® Solutions

Don’t over spend on expensive Adobe products when you can get everything you need and more with Bluebeam Revu products. From basic PDF creation, editing, and markup, to PDF form creation and scripting structures, we have you covered.

Bluebeam Revu® 2019 Standard

The essential solution for intuitive PDF markup, editing, and collaboration.

Best for contractors, estimators and owners who only need the core features of Revu. You’ll get all the powerful workflow management features that allow your team to convert Microsoft® Office documents and CAD drawings into high-quality 2D or 3D PDFs, or transform scanned images into text-searchable documents. Collaborate, mark up, and organize like never before with specialized tools for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals.

Included Features
  • 2D and 3D PDF Markup
  • Markup Tracking List
  • Tool Chest
  • Custom Workflow Tools
  • Unlimited Source Files
  • Measurement Tools
  • ALSO INCLUDES: Bluebeam Studio

Bluebeam Revu® 2019 CAD

The solution designed specifically for CAD users that includes smart plugins for 2D and 3D PDF creation.

For design professionals, such as architects or engineers, who require the additional plugin functionality to complement their favorite CAD software. Quickly and easily export 2D and 3D PDFs from the most widely used CAD and 3D design sortware platforms. With the dynamic document creation tools provided by Revu®, you can deliver smart O&Ms that give facilities managers quick and easy digital access to critical project information.

Included Features
  • Includes all features in Revu Standard
  • Plugins for 2D and 3D PDFs
  • Create PDFs from AutoCAD
  • Create PDFs from Revit
  • Create PDFs from SolidWorks
  • Create PDFs from Navisworks Manage
  • Create PDFs from Navisworks Simulate
  • Create PDFs from SketchUp Pro
  • Create PDFs from any IFC file
  • Batch Creation from CAD programs
  • Apply stamps, cover sheets, headers, footers and more
  • ALSO INCLUDES: Bluebeam Studio

Bluebeam Revu® 2019 eXtreme

The robust solution built for power users who want to automate complex processes and push the limits of document collaboration.

For power users looking to automate complex processes, whether they’re architects, engineers, contractors or estimators. The advanced document creation tools in Revu eXtreme will take your team to the next level.

Included Features
  • Includes all features in Revu Standard and CAD
  • Automatic Form Creation
  • Unlimited hyperlinks based on file name, page label or page region
  • Carry over all markup data from corresponding sheets
  • Transform scanned PDFs into text-searchable and selectable files
  • Batch Sign and Seal with digital signatures
  • Measurement totals from multiple PDFs to Excel
  • ALSO INCLUDES: Bluebeam Studio

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How to Get Your Customized Bluebeam Game Plan From TPM

Technology alone won’t change your business, how you use it will. That’s why the TPM game plan focuses on supplying your team with the right solutions so you can get back to doing what you do best.


Get a Quote

Start the process with a quick assessment where our team of experienced consultants will identify your specific document management needs. Your TPM expert will then provide you with a customized plan and pricing based on your business needs.


Partner With TPM

Our experts will quickly bring your team up to speed by providing customized training and implementation solutions, BIM and CAD management services, and more. TPM will immediately add efficiencies to your processes that will save you time and increase productivity.


Accelerate Your Business

With the right solutions, consolidated services, and a fully trained and capable staff, you will be confident that you are leveraging the right technology for your unique business needs, while reducing risk and increasing profitability. We will enhance your software and hardware stack so that you can win more business, create better designs and deliver more work.

Implementation, Training & Support

Successful Implementation and Onboarding

Whether you’re ready to implement Bluebeam, Revit, Solidworks, or another software package, the industry experts at TPM will create a roadmap for your specific needs and help integrate it into your workflows so that you can hit the ground running. We will follow up your progress with training that fits your schedule.

A Dedicated Learning Environment Designed For You

Although Bluebeam is user-friendly and accessible, TPM offers occasional webinars and one-on-one training for users new to the platform. Additionally, TPM’s Customer Success Plans include unlimited remote technical support for all software products offered by TPM, delivered by a team of certified TPM Technical Solutions Consultants.

Our Partnership Continues After the Point of Sale

Many vendors might go radio-silent after they sell you a software or hardware product, but TPM is different. We provide continued technical support to our clients for Bluebeam, and any other software or hardware solutions that we provide to ensure that you are truly maximizing the value of your investment.

Services & Support

Services & Support

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Software Training

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Upcoming Events

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