Autodesk Build

Autodesk Build

Connect your field and project management workflows for seamless collaboration and project delivery within budget and on time.

Build a connected team, workflow, and data pipeline to improve construction management.

Project Management

Management of Projects

Enhance collaboration, reduce communication problems, errors, and rework, and ensure projects stay on track.
Quality Management

Management of Quality

Track all issues in one place to reduce rework and keep projects on schedule.
Safety Management

Management of Safety

Establish easy-to-implement, repeatable safety programs and ensure that all team members take responsibility for site safety.
Cost Control

Control of Costs

Understand root causes and scope costs by connecting project management and field execution data.

Autodesk Build has easy-to-use, highly configurable tools to help you deliver projects on time and within budget.

Manage Schedules

Connect field and office teams to share, collaborate, and connect project schedules.

Connect RFIs

Manage RFIs and review processes, links between RFIs and issues, change orders, and meeting minutes.

Simplify Submittals

Organize and track submittal items and manage all information in one place.

Improve Meetings

Organize meeting records, track commitments, and link essentials.

Centralize Issue Management

You can manage all quality, safety, and design issues from one place.

Connect Field & Office

Upload field photos to a central gallery so stakeholders can see what’s happening.

Streamline Quality & Safety Inspections

Maintain quality and safety standards from anywhere, using any device.

Publish Docs to the Field

Auto-sync to mobile devices ensures teams can access the correct information anytime.

Create & Share Markups

You can use markup tools to highlight details on your drawings and collaborate with your team more effectively.

Navigate 2D Drawings and 3D Models Onsite

Visualize your team’s work easily by navigating 2D drawings and 3D models in a mobile-friendly environment.

Maintain Control Over Change Orders

Visualize the impact of change orders on the overall budget of the project.

Manage Payments

Keep track of payments against completed work and manage pay applications.

Streamline Expenses

Streamline invoice approvals and reviews by connecting your accounting system.

Improve Forecasting

Ensure cost forecast accuracy by centralizing and connecting cost activities.
Costs - Autodesk Build

Additional Features

Mobile Punch Lists

Comply with regulations with easy-to-use punch lists and digital closeout tools.

Customized Reports

Keep team members updated on work progress by generating and sharing reports.

Predictive Insights

Identify high-risk issues affecting cost, schedule, quality, and safety.

Standardized Forms

Customize quality and safety checklists to standardize data collection.

Complete tasks on the go with Autodesk Construction Cloud Mobile App

The Autodesk Construction Cloud mobile app is available for subscribers of the following offerings:

The app allows members to access project data and complete tasks on the job site, even without an internet connection.

To install the Autodesk Construction Cloud mobile app, search for it in the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

Autodesk Construction Cloud Mobile App
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Autodesk Training

Autodesk Training

TPM offers Autodesk training online and in person, taught by certified Autodesk instructors. As an Authorized Training Partner, our Autodesk-certified instructors help you excel in your software learning journey.

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