Document Scanning Services

Our scanning and document conversion service helps you eliminate the endless piles of paper, empty filing cabinets full of documents, and digitally archive hard copies of old reports. Our experts can scan any size document, from engineering drawings and large format documents to invoices, and convert them to virtually any file format you need.

The Benefits of Digitizing Documents

Traditionally, documents consist of physical paper files for most companies. These paper documents can be challenging to keep track of, organize, search efficiently and, frankly, take up a lot of physical space – not to mention the associated storage costs.

Our scanning imaging services allow us to scan your documents, creating digital files. These files can then be easily managed in a document management system, such as DocuWare, allowing documents to be instantly accessible.

Looking to convert your endless stacks of paper to digital documents? TPM is ready to take on your next big document scanning project.

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Servicing the Southeast

Are you in the Southeast and looking to get many documents scanned? We serve the Southeast from 6 strategic locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, from blueprints to invoices.

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Document Management Software

Looking to manage your documents internally? TPM offers document management software solutions, allowing you to manage your digital documents in-house.