Markforged X7 3D Printer

The X7 is a versatile industrial-grade 3D printer perfect for printing high-strength functional parts.

Precise PLA Material in Red

Versatile, Functional Parts

The X7 can print functional parts to fit your needs, from high temperature, flame, and chemical resistance to tough parts that withstand repeated abuse. By leveraging industrial materials and high-speed print modes, you’ll get high-resolution parts in a fraction of the time.
A 3D printed bracket showing carbon fiber reinforcement

Unparalleled Strength

Experience carbon fiber reinforced parts printed in hours and capable of replacing machined aluminum with unprecedented high-strength parts.
An impeller printed in orange Precise PLA material from Markforged.

Industrial Accuracy and Reliability

Well-designed hardware, best-in-class sensors, and one-of-a-kind software create industry-leading accurate and reliable parts for industrial use. Markforged industrial 3D printers deliver micron-level laser scanning for closed-loop calibration, reliably furnishing parts with near-perfect surface finish and a highly repeatable print cycle.

3D Printing Software Meets Production Management

Design your part, upload it into Markforged’s browser-based software, select from a wide range of Composite Base filaments and Continuous Fibers, and hit print. Additive Manufacturing has never been so easy.
Eiger software interface from Markforged.
3D printed gear printed in black Precise PLA material from Markforged

A Wide Range of Materials

The X7 features a diverse selection of materials including HSHT Fiberglass, Onyx, Onyx FR, Onyx ESD, Aramid Fiber (Kevlar), and Precise PLA giving you a range of versatility and color options for your printed parts.

The X7 industrial 3D printer enables engineers and designers to produce industrial-grade parts in hours rather than weeks, improving and optimizing manufacturing processes dramatically.

The Markforged X7 3D printer

Printing Process

Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFR)

Z Layer Resolution

50 μm - 250 μm

Printing Media

Composite Base Filaments, Continuous Fibers

Internal Part Geometry

Closed Cell Infill with Continuous Fiber Reinforcement

Print Bed

Precision Ground Composite

Markforged X7

The Markforged X7 industrial carbon fiber 3D printer combines precision-built hardware, advanced sensors, and leading-edge software to deliver accurate parts. It features a reinforced, precision-machined gantry and a precision ground print bed that can be removed and replaced with ten μm repeatability.

Each piece of hardware in the filament extrusion system is optimized to withstand wear from micro carbon fiber-filled nylon filaments and maintain print quality over thousands of hours. Out-of-material sensors guarantee that you’re continuously printing. At the same time, a scanning laser on the printhead allows the printer to modify the first layers of a print dynamically. This modification accomplishes perfect bed adhesion and inspects parts for accuracy after printing.

The X7 has a 3rd-generation fiber reinforcement system that lets you lay down continuous fiber into parts. Markforged composite printers can print four types of continuous fiber-reinforced parts.

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