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Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Be in the know at every stage of the construction process with Autodesk Construction Cloud.

What is Construction Cloud?

Autodesk Construction Cloud helps construction projects run more smoothly and efficiently by connecting teams and project data from start to finish. This minimizes risk and safeguards profits.

Autodesk Construction Cloud Products

Autodesk Build



Construction drawings, RFIs, and submittals can be easily managed using the web and mobile apps. This makes it easy to keep track of these things between the office and the field.

Autodesk Takeoff



Estimators can create competitive bids more quickly and accurately, resulting in more work. A single takeoff solution allows you to perform 2D takeoffs efficiently and generate automatic quantities from 3D BIM models.

Autodesk BIM Collaborate

BIM Collaborate

BIM Collaborate

Manage design collaboration and model coordination with automated clash detection and issue connection across designers, trades, and construction management teams. Streamline your entire project lifecycle by connecting and connecting your processes.

Connected Workflow

Connect critical workflows with powerful, simple construction management software. When this connectivity, information is exchanged quickly between teams without losing vital context. Experience one place for planning, escalating and resolving work.
Autodesk Construction Cloud Construction Phases
Architects, engineers, and project teams can collaborate on coordinated, shared designs regardless of location, role, or stage. Improve design collaboration by simplifying design development and reducing information loss at handover. Connecting design and construction means a more collaborative, transparent partnership. Using Autodesk Construction Cloud, you can turn a design into a living asset that serves the building's needs throughout its lifecycle.
Before you break ground: Make sure your projects are set up for success. Find the right builders for each project and improve design quality and constructibility. Obtain vendor qualification management and access the largest network of builders in the industry. Streamline collaboration between stakeholders and automate manual tasks using cloud-based technology. Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions help preconstruction teams coordinate better, understand design intent, bid competitively, and reduce financial risks.
Project phases are often disconnected, resulting in uncertainty and difficulty in taking control of outcomes. Machine learning can help by connecting issues, RFIs, and progress between the office and the field and analyzing this data. Autodesk Construction Cloud helps remove silos, facilitate work-phases interoperability, and turn project information into actionable intelligence.
Building owners can use BIM data to track construction project progress and identify potential problems. Using Autodesk Construction Cloud, you can predict project outcomes and increase profitability.

Connected Teams

Construction Cloud offers tools for all stakeholders in the construction industry that are powerful and purpose-built. Design the right project workflow and securely manage information sharing with partners.

General Contractors

Connecting the field and office reduces costs and improves transparency.

Specialty Contractors

Connected project management tools for the field and the office help you stay on schedule and budget.


Work seamlessly together on coordinated, constructible designs from anywhere.


Get a better understanding of your project portfolio by connecting with your build partners.

Connected Data

You can reduce risk and increase margins by bringing all construction data into one place.

Configure Dashboards

Dashboards at the project level provide a holistic view of each project. Use efficient task management to gain visibility into what to prioritize by building an actionable daily task list. Utilize data from multiple projects to gain a broader understanding of company performance. Account-level dashboards help you stay on top of all projects and make better business decisions.
Configure Dashboards
Automate Reports

Automate Reports

An integral part of any construction project has always been the production of daily and weekly reports. Set up recurring reports or share them on a one-time basis to automate the entire process.

Identify Risk with Construction IQ

Use Construction IQ to reduce risk by analyzing data and identifying high-risk areas. Construction IQ uses machine learning to determine high-risk areas in your projects. Construction IQ helps teams identify and resolve issues on a project before they cause problems downstream. This includes design, quality, safety, or project control issues.
Construction IQ
Extract Project Data

Extract Project Data

Using robust business intelligence tools, teams can quickly extract project data from all projects and workflows. You can extract and manipulate data with easy-to-use templates to enable a more sophisticated analysis.
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