InfoWorks ICM

The most advanced integrated catchment modeling software on the market

What is InfoWorks ICM?

InfoWorks ICM is a powerful software that helps users model complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively. It’s the perfect tool for water and wastewater professionals who need the most accurate results possible. With InfoWorks ICM, you can trust that your models will be accurate and reliable.

  • Users can plan for increased capacity, system expansions, and emergency scenarios.
  • You can deliver clear, visual results that are easy to interpret.
  • InfoWorks ICM is the perfect software for small municipalities and large enterprise organizations.

What is InfoWorks ICM?

InfoWorks ICM Key Features

  • 2D boundary objects for SWMM

    All 2D Zone boundary types (vertical wall, critical condition, supercritical condition, dry condition, or normal condition) are available for both 2D boundary lines and additional inflow, level, or level & head/discharge boundary line types.

  • Head unit flow objects

    The Head unit flow object is now available for SWMM networks. This allows a 2D boundary object to be associated with a head unit flow table, given that the boundary line type property is set to Level & Head/Discharge.

  • Depth varying Manning’s roughness

    Starting with the 2021.4 release, you can now extend SWMM networks to include roughness definitions. This helps improve model accuracy by allowing you to match ground conditions and flow rates closely.

  • 2D boundary types for SWMM models

    SWMM networks now include the same boundary type options for 2D Zones as InfoWorks Networks. These options are vertical wall, normal conditions, critical, subcritical, and dry.

  • NOAA Rainfall Generator

    The brand new NOAA ATLAS 14 Rainfall Generator makes it possible to easily download data from the Precipitation Frequency Data Server (PFDS) to generate reliable precipitation frequency estimates for any location within the United States.

  • Workgroup model management

    With a shared space, teams can work together to create complete and accurate models.

  • Integrated 1D and 2D modeling

    Hydrodynamic simulations in one and two dimensions for urban environments and river floodplains.

  • Powerful hydraulic simulation

    The dynamic simulation engine is fast, reliable, and provides an accurate representation.

  • Prepare for events

    Conduct emergency storm simulations to address sanitary sewer overflows, and combined sewer overflows.

  • Live operational support

    InfoWorks ICM allows you to take any live data and use it within the utility network model of your choice.

  • Data inferencing

    Use ICM’s built-in inferencing tools to take raw survey data and fill in the missing pieces so you can get accurate model results.

  • SQL and other scripts

    Automating processes such as creating new scenarios with SQL queries and Ruby Scripts saves you time.

  • GPU utilization

    With large models, GPUs can speed up simulations by 12 times or more.

  • RAFTS hydrology

    RAFTS Australian hydraulic routing method connects with ARR data hub and BOM for more efficient access to information.

Benefits of InfoWorks ICM

Single quality platform

The software was created specifically to provide detailed solutions to water-related problems.

Reliable and fast

By minimizing project downtime from otherwise lengthy simulations, you can ensure that your projects are completed on time and within budget.

Collaborate on projects

InfoWorks ICM is software that helps professionals model complex water and wastewater systems. It makes it easy for teams to collaborate on projects and creates clear visuals that are easy to understand.

Protects people and environments

Keep updated on future forecasted network responses to help stop flooding.

The Various Ways You Can Use InfoWorks ICM

Create or import projects with simulation solvers all in one place

InfoWorks ICM allows you to create or import a project with simulation solvers all in one place. With integrated catchment modeling (ICM) and stormwater management model (SWMM), hydraulic assessments become richer simulations of rivers, sewer systems, runoff calculations, and overland flooding.
Create or import projects with simulation solvers all in one place - InfoWorks ICM
Spend less time on projects

Spend less time on projects

By using fast simulations, you can reduce project downtime and increase collaboration. This will enable you to make clear and decisive engineering decisions. Additionally, by streamlining model building and data entry, you will free up time for interpreting results.

Anticipate future problems: Protect from flood damage

Understand and solve complex infrastructure issues quickly. Easily explain water problems to your community, including comprehensive mitigation plans. Help your neighbors feel confident in the decisions you make.
Anticipate future problems: Protect property from flood damage - InfoWorks ICM
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