Markforged Mark Two 3D Printer

The original Continuous Carbon Fiber Composite 3D Printer from Markforged.

A 3D printed bracket showing carbon fiber reinforcement

Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Parts

The Mark Two can print Continuous Carbon Fiber reinforced parts on a desktop-sized printer. These incredibly strong parts are capable of replacing machined aluminum parts.
Markforged Mark Two Desktop 3D Printer


The Mark Two is reliable and can last thousands of print hours with unibody aluminum chassis and precision-machined components.
Markforged Onyx Material

Print Beautiful Parts

With Markforged’s versatile Onyx material, the Mark Two prints parts with best-in-industry surface finishes.

Production Management and 3D Printing Software in One System

Design your part, upload it into Markforged’s browser-based software, select from a wide range of Composite Base filaments and Continuous Fibers, and hit print. Additive Manufacturing has never been so easy.
Eiger software interface from Markforged.

Touchscreen Display

Enjoy printing with ease with the Mark Two’s built-in 4.3″ touchscreen display. The display lets you view your print queue, start prints, and more.
Markforged Mark Two touchscreen interface
Precise PLA Material in Red

Diverse Material Options

The Markforged Mark Two provides engineers and manufacturers with a diverse range of materials, including Onyx with Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforcement, Precise PLA, HSHT Fiberglass, Kevlar, Nylon, and more. Produce high-strength, 3D printed parts with resistance to high temperatures and other features efficiently.

Generate massive value by producing aluminum-grade parts with the Mark Two desktop series printer.

Markforged Mark Two Desktop 3D Printer

Build Volume

Width: 320 mm
Depth: 132 mm
Height: 154 mm

Printing Process

Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFR)

Z Layer Resolution

100 μm - 200 μm

Printing Media

Composite Base Filaments, Continuous Fibers

Internal Part Geometry

Closed Cell Infill with Continuous Fiber Reinforcement

Print Bed

Precision Ground Composite

Markforged Mark Two

The Mark Two is a professional-grade 3D printer that uses carbon fiber composite materials to produce strong and durable parts. The desktop printer is built around an aluminum unibody frame that delivers high accuracy and repeatability.

The Mark Two’s hardened extrusion system enables it to print Onyx, a micro carbon fiber-filled nylon filament, reliably over thousands of print hours. The machine is designed to be easy to operate and maintain, with features like easily accessible wear components and a print bed that can be removed and replaced.

The Mark Two has a fiber reinforcement system that lets you lay down continuous fiber into parts. Markforged composite printers can print continuous fiber-reinforced parts, which can be as strong as machined aluminum.

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