Get Ready to Make Anything With TPM’s Powerful Autodesk Software Solutions

Autodesk offers a powerful range of BIM and CAD software solutions for architects, engineers and contractors to transform big ideas into reality — giving you the power to make anything. By partnering with TPM, you’ll have confidence that you’re maximizing the value of your Autodesk investment as our expert consultants guide you through the process of onboarding and implementation.


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Customized Autodesk Solutions for Any Type of Build or Design Project

Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection

One set of integrated tools for building, civil infrastructure, and construction design projects that will enable you to deliver your highest quality work and stay competitive in the AEC industry.

This collection includes products such as Revit, AutoCAD, BIM360, Navisworks, 3ds Max Design and many more tools to optimize your project workflows and promote team collaboration. Partnering with TPM for a customized implementation and training plan will ensure that you’re maximizing the value of your Autodesk investment.

Included Features

Collection Includes:

  • Revit
  • AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD toolsets for architecture, MEP, electrical, mechanical, and more
  • Civil 3D
  • InfraWorks
  • Navisworks Manage
  • 3ds Max
  • The collection also includes analysis, rendering, reality capture, and other specialty software.


Multidisciplinary BIM software that helps professionals design, build and maintain high-quality, more energy-efficient buildings.

Using the information-rich models created with Revit, architects, engineers and construction firms can collaborate to make well-informed decisions earlier in the design process to deliver projects more efficiently. Any design changes made in Revit models are automatically updated throughout the model, keeping designs and documentation coordinated and more reliable. TPM’s team of expert consultants can bring your team up to speed quickly using 3D visualizations and collaborating across teams in the Revit Cloud.

Included Features
  • Parametric components
  • Worksharing
  • Schedules
  • Interoperability and IFC
  • Add-ins
  • Annotation
  • Dynamo for Revit
  • Global parameters
  • Conceptual design tools
  • Analysis with Insight
  • Architectural modeling
  • Point cloud tools
  • 3D design visualization
  • Multistory stairs
  • Cloud rendering

Civil 3D

Autodesk® Civil 3D® is a civil engineering design and documentation software that supports BIM workflows by extending the value of the model.

With a focus on optimizing a variety of civil infrastructure project workflows, such as roads and highways, land development, rail, airports and water, Civil 3D helps civil infrastructure project teams improve delivery, maintain more consistent data and processes and respond faster to project changes. The expert consultants at TPM can set you up with the right combination of connected Autodesk software solutions to give you the tools you need to deliver better designs and win more bids.

Included Features
  • Collaboration for Civil 3D
  • BIM 360 project creation
  • Connect to BIM 360 Design
  • Connector for ArcGIS
  • Reference template workflows
  • Rail and centerline exports
  • Dynamo for Civil 3D


Computer-aided design (CAD) software that architects, engineers, and construction professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D designs and documentation.

Work faster with specialized toolsets, including industry-specific features and intelligent objects for architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical design, and more. Work anywhere with included mobile and web apps that allow you to view, edit, annotate and create drawings quickly in your local web browser.

Included Features
  • AutoCAD on any device
  • Cloud storage connectivity
  • Blocks palette
  • Quick measure
  • New dark theme
  • Enhanced DWG compare
  • Purge redesign

Cloud Collaboration

One of the leading causes of project delays is miscommunication between stakeholders, designers, engineers, and construction.

Lack of alignment between involved parties often leads to costly mistakes and missed opportunities. With collaboration tools for Revit, A360, and BIM360, your teams and partners will have the resources needed to stay on task and on time.

Included Features
  • Share and reuse data from PDF files by importing, exporting, or attaching them as underlays.
  • Share and reuse data from DGN files by importing, exporting, or attaching them as underlays.
  • Attach DWG files to your current drawing as externally referenced files.
  • Attach image reference files to your current drawing as externally referenced files.
  • View, access, manage, and plot multiple drawings as sheet sets.
  • Attach Navisworks models as underlays to your drawings, and import models from other applications.
  • Insert geographic location information into a drawing, and display a map in the drawing from an online map service.

Other Autodesk Solutions

Create anything you can think of with Inventor®, a professional-grade 3D CAD software for product design and mechanical engineering.

Use industrial product design Alias® for sketching, concept modeling, surfacing and visualization. And, use Navisworks® project review software to improve BIM coordination and project review — ultimately improving project efficiency at your firm. Partnering with TPM will ensure you’re not only choosing the right combination of Autodesk BIM and CAD software solutions, but we’ll handle your implementation and onboarding, to make sure you don’t skip a beat during the transition.

Included Features
  • BIM 360 integration
  • BIM coordination with AutoCAD, Revit, and ReCap
  • Detect clashes and coordinate project models
  • Supports 60+ file formats
  • Publish to Assemble
  • BIM 360 issues integration
  • Updated IFC file reader
  • New DGN file reader

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How to Get a Customized Autodesk Game Plan

Technology alone won’t change your business, how you use it will. That’s why the TPM game plan focuses on supplying your team with the right solutions so you can get back to doing what you do best.


Get a Quote

Start the process with a quick assessment where our team of experienced consultants will identify your specific document management needs. Your TPM expert will then provide you with a customized plan and pricing based on your business needs.


Partner With TPM

Our experts will quickly bring your team up to speed by providing customized training and implementation solutions, BIM and CAD management services, and more. TPM will immediately add efficiencies to your processes that will save you time and increase productivity.


Accelerate Your Business

With the right solutions, consolidated services, and a fully trained and capable staff, you will be confident that you are leveraging the right technology for your unique business needs, while reducing risk and increasing profitability. We will enhance your software and hardware stack so that you can win more business, create better designs and deliver more work.

Implementation, Training & Support

Successful Implementation and Onboarding

TPM will structure a software and hardware implementation roadmap according to your specific design and building needs and workflow so that you can hit the ground running. Our expert consultants will follow up your progress with a customized training plan that fits your schedule.

A Dedicated Learning Environment Designed For You

TPM’s customized training plans offer a wide array of classroom and online training sessions to fit any schedule. Find easy-to-use resources and the answers you need at a time that works for you.

Our Partnership Continues After the Sale

Many vendors might go radio-silent after they sell you a software or hardware product, but TPM is different. We provide continued technical support to our clients for Autodesk and any other software or hardware that we provide, to ensure that you truly maximize the value of your investment.

Services & Support

Services & Support

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Software Training

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Upcoming Events

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