Structure Systems: A Tool Worth Your Time

Maxwell Ames, TPM Technical Solutions Consultant In the 2019 edition of SOLIDWORKS, the Structure system tool was added. This tool was designed to allow engineers to change the way they made their weldments by offering a simplified automated process that utilized points, lines, and planes for the creation of their structure. While introduced in 2019, structure systems was not widely used as it did not provide a significant boost in the efficiency of created weldments. So for the 2020 release of SOLIDWORKS, the software engineers behind the development of the tool analyzed all of the submitted user feedback and made […]

Taking to the Woods with a SOLIDWORKS-Designed Ultralight Tent

Luke Woodard, TPM Application Engineer Warning: DO NOT TAKE UNTESTED GEAR INTO THE WOODS.  Especially if said gear would be essential to survival in a worst-case scenario. With that preface, here we go… Living in Greenville, SC, Pisgah National Forest is an outdoors enthusiast’s playground just an hour and a half outside of my door. While my default in these woods is mountain biking, lately I’ve enjoyed getting into hiking and backpacking. On the trail. As I have gotten into this new method of exploration, I’ve also developed an obsession for gear. Due to ultralight gears’ big price tags and […]

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Common Mistakes We See in Support

Rob Stoklosa, TPM Application Engineer Learn the “gotchas” to watch out for when doing any sort of Simulation analysis.

Utilizing the Snapshot Tool in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Rob Stoklosa, TPM Application Engineer Learn how to utilize the snapshots feature to create a rich history/version of your Solidworks Electrical project.