Choosing Licensing Types in SOLIDWORKS PDM

How-to: Setting the License Type in SOLIDWORKS PDM 

What is SOLIDWORKS PDM? SOLIDWORKS PDM helps improve the quality of products by managing data files and documentation. PDM helps teams store and index design data, track versions, and collaborate on designs remotely. The software comes in three packages: SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, and Manage, each of which provides various capabilities. What Are License Types in SOLIDWORKS PDM? Licensing for SOLIDWORKS PDM software is based on floating client licenses. SolidNetWork License Server manages a pool of licenses automatically applied to your system when you log in to a vault. The license is returned to the pool when you log out or exit SOLIDWORKS […]

SOLIDWORKS Price Increase & Business Model Transition

At TPM, we work with thousands of customers and manage more than tens of thousands of software licenses. Throughout our nearly 50 year history, we have had significant experience and exposure to various business models with our technology partners. We have helped thousands of organizations navigate the appropriate business model. One of our key partnerships is with Dassault Systemes, owner of SOLIDWORKS, and they are beginning a business transformation strategy to move to a complete subscription model.  For those new to the software space, Subscription or Software as a Service is a consumption model where you rent your software instead […]
Rotating a chair built in SOLIDWORKS xShape

Pushing and Pulling Shapes in xShape

What Is xShape? xShape is an exciting cloud-based subdivision modeling tool that runs on a browser on the 3DExperience Platform. xShape allows users to generate freeform shapes in 3D using a workflow that feels more like sculpting than CAD modeling. After creating a model in xShape, users can import the model into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and add additional prismatic features to complete the design. This SOLIDWORKS to xShape connection is ideal for creating manufacturing-ready or 3D printing-ready models. Additionally, the relationship between the two modeling apps allows users to change the organic model within the xShape app and then reload […]

What’s New for SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022?

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 brings significant new capabilities for users and administrators alike with its 2022 improvements. PDM includes advantageous features that manufacturing organizations leverage to manage their data. This fact remains true even before the updates included with the SOLIDWORKS 2022 edition. If you’re interested in reading about some of those features, we have previously covered PDM’s search function and file management security. Nonetheless, SOLIDWORKS looks to enhance PDM even further with beneficial updates year after year. This year is no different, seeing SOLIDWORKS bring some significant changes that improve SOLIDWORKS users’ day-to-day file management. Let’s explore the unique features […]