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We understand how stressful it can be to keep your business running, leaving you little time and energy to deal with things like document management and printing services. TPM’s document management services, copiers, and wide-format printers and managed print services help our customers reduce cost, increase productivity, and improve document management security.

  • As a representative of the Prisma Health marketing group, I wish to say thank you and commend TPM as a good community partner for their responsiveness to our urgent communication needs. Because of TPM’s responsiveness, we have been able to place our messaging in our hospitals very quickly.
    Gary Hipps, Manager
    Graphic Design & Brand Development
  • You already do a great job with speedy turn around and communication! Just keep doing well at those and all experiences will be wonderful.
    Letitia Ard
    Broadstreet Partners
  • Just keep the good service going with economical pricing.
    John Poole
    Phillips Staffing
  • We have had overall good experiences with TPM very helpful.
    Kristen Setzer
    Carpenter Decorating

Your Document and Print Solutions in One Place

Our job is to make yours easier by being your all-inclusive printing and document solutions partner. From printers and copiers to large-format plotters, we have solutions in place to meet your unique needs. We’ve partnered with industry leaders such as Canon, HP, and Óce to develop a line of reliable, high-quality units. When you consolidate printer supplies, training, and maintenance, your firm will be set up for success without the hassle of managing multiple vendors.


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Improve Firm Productivity by Going Paperless with TPM

Documents in your corporate firm contain information that is a valuable resource and an important business asset. A document management system results in a source of information about the business activities that can support subsequent activities and business decisions, as well as ensuring accountability to current and future stakeholders.

TPM brings a single consolidated document scanning and management strategy to the table that utilizes our hardware and software to optimize the way you manage documents. That’s why over 3,000 companies like yours have chosen to partner with TPM in order to get the right solutions and training in place and focus more valuable time on what they do best.

Trusted Brands

We’ve partnered with the leaders in printing & design to become your #1 resource.

Automated Supply Replenishment Keeps Your Firm Running

We all know the frustration of needing to print a proposal in the office and the printer is out of toner or maintenance needs to be performed. Our TPMOne solution ensures that you will always be up to date with supplies and hardware needs so you don’t get caught off guard. TPM is committed to being your partner in keeping your firm running efficiently.

Our Clients

We’ve partnered with the leaders in printing & design to become your #1 resource.

Signage, Wayfinding, and More with The Color Lab


TPM’s commitment to architects and engineers doesn’t end with software, training, and managed services. We’ve developed a full-service graphics solution that helps architects and engineers with projects dealing with interior decor, wayfinding, sight signage, construction signage, and other large-format graphics needs.

For more information about our document management and printing solutions for corporations, download our whitepaper here:

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