Important update to your buying process

Here’s everything you need to know

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What is changing?

On June 10, 2024, changes will be made to how you purchase and renew your products.

As a partner of TPM, you will still work with us for quote requests, support, and training. However, now you’ll receive an emailed quote from Autodesk and will pay directly from within your Autodesk account.

This buying process update is an effort to continuously enhance your experience.

Why are these changes happening?

Personalized experience

Setting the foundation to create an experience tailored to your needs.

Predictable pricing

Providing you consistent pricing no matter how you buy.

Streamlined process

Allowing you more convenience with enhanced self-serve capabilities in your Autodesk account.

Before and after June 10

While requested quotes and purchasing will be performed directly through the Autodesk portal after June 10, 2024, TPM will still be your partner in choosing the right products, support, training, services, quoting, renewals, and any additional software and/or toolsets that accompany your Autodesk product.

This offers you full control over your Autodesk product purchasing while having the advantage of a partner.

Before June 10, 2024 After June 10, 2024
Support TPM TPM
Training TPM TPM
Services TPM TPM
Product Guidance TPM TPM
Quoting TPM TPM
Quote From TPM Autodesk
Renewal TPM Autodesk
Additional Software and Toolsets TPM TPM

What you need to do to be ready

To prepare for your next purchase or renewal, you may need to set up Autodesk as a supplier with your company for invoice payment. Visit the vendor setup page to find the information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In the new buying process for subscriptions, TPM will configure your quote (which you will receive from Autodesk) and continue to be involved in all phases of the pre-sales and post-sales experience except for the actual payment transaction, which will happen directly between you and Autodesk. This new way of transacting subscription purchases will begin in North America on June 10, 2024.

Autodesk is striving to improve your experience by streamlining the transaction process and providing you with more personalized service.

We understand that change can sometimes be overwhelming, but we have taken great care to make this transition as smooth as possible. We encourage you to contact our customer experience team by phone or email with all of your questions pertaining to the new buying process. For further information, contact your TPM sales representative.

Phone: 800-922-1145


Autodesk has heard from customers that they would like a more streamlined experience that offers increased control over their product subscriptions.

By working directly with Autodesk to manage the purchase itself, you will have more control over your subscriptions and renewals, improved visibility into your usage data, and time saved through Autodesk’s self-service capabilities.

Data-driven interactions: TPM will also be able to better serve you by understanding what products you currently own and providing more relevant recommendations moving forward.

Predictability: Providing confidence to get the best price regardless of where you buy.

You will continue to work with TPM for pre- and post-sale support, where the engagement remains essentially the same. We will continue to work with you to unlock value and meet your business goals.

There are key changes in the buying phase. In the new buying process, Autodesk takes responsibility for credit checks, order management, and payment collections – fostering a direct relationship with you.

For renewals, TPM will monitor upcoming renewal dates and encourage you to renew before expiry, but the renewal process will occur with Autodesk.

In this new process, TPM will continue to play a vital role as your primary resource for onboarding, serving as a trusted consultant for your business needs and offering recommendations tailored to your unique requirements. When you decide to proceed with an Autodesk solution, we will submit a quote request on your behalf.

Autodesk will then provide you with the completed quote, and upon your acceptance, you’ll pay directly to Autodesk. In this new buying process, Autodesk takes responsibility for credit checks, order management, and payment collections.

Managing the purchase directly through Autodesk provides increased control over subscriptions and renewals through user-friendly self-service capabilities. This approach enables more relevant recommendations for your future needs and offers confidence by ensuring predictability in pricing, regardless of where you buy it from.

The goal is to enhance your experience and ensure a seamless process tailored to your specific needs.

Your access to us remains consistent, with our role largely unchanged.

You’ll continue collaborating with us for quote requests, and we will manage both pre-and post-sale activities, delivering the value and outcomes you are looking for.

The primary instance of direct engagement with Autodesk now occurs during the purchase or renewal phase.

Autodesk now manages credit checks and payment collections, fostering a direct relationship with you and offering enhanced control over subscriptions.

TPM’s role and engagement, from pre-purchase to post-purchase phases, remains largely the same. We will continue to work with you to unlock value and meet your outcomes.

However, there are critical changes in the buy phase. That’s where Autodesk takes responsibility for credit checks, order management, and payment collections.

In the new buying process, all transactions occur directly with Autodesk and are subject to Autodesk terms. The new buying process includes consistent pricing no matter where you buy.

As Autodesk will transact directly with you, the transaction terms will be provided as part of your quote.

For additional services, training, and support, you will continue to work directly with TPM.

Any price increase reflects the added value you will receive from Autodesk products or services. Autodesk prices are based on the necessity to uphold the high quality of their solutions, and funds are reinvested into product development to help deliver the latest technologies to your products.

For existing customers, Autodesk renewal pricing is less than buying a new license.

TPM can help you explore the latest subscription features from your Autodesk software experience and how you can translate that into tangible and measurable business benefits.

The new streamlined buying process will simplify your experience when purchasing Autodesk subscriptions.

Setting up Autodesk as a vendor is essential as part of your purchasing process to ensure a seamless transaction or renewal.

The process of setting up Autodesk as a vendor depends on the requirements of your organization. We recommend confirming with your procurement team what is needed to set up Autodesk as a vendor. There might be scenarios where this process is unnecessary, for example, if you pay by credit card.

For most cases, setting up Autodesk as a vendor is a standard procurement process. For more complex cases, we can assist by working closely with Autodesk as needed.

Setting up Autodesk as a vendor in advance can expedite the sales cycle, and you can realize the benefits of transaction efficiency in the new buying process.

Are you looking to set up Autodesk as a vendor? See the guide here.

The new buying process brings a wealth of benefits for you, such as personalized recommendations for new products aligned to your needs and preferences, predictable pricing (getting the best price regardless of where you buy), and self-service capabilities (saving you time and giving you more control allowing you to purchase and manage subscriptions efficiently).

You will maintain collaboration with TPM for quote requests, and we will continue to support you in the pre-and post-sales activities as we have in the past. Now, you will primarily engage with Autodesk during the purchase or renewal phase.

Autodesk provides all relevant information, including company, tax, and banking details here.

If you need further information, TPM can assist by working closely with Autodesk, as required.

Autodesk offers a Data Processing Addendum, which you can download here.

Autodesk is committed to data security, privacy, and trust. Detailed information about their certifications and data compliance measures, including how we comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations, is published on their Trust Center at

Please let us know if you need additional information. TPM will be able to assist by working closely with Autodesk as needed.

As a government organization, there will be no changes to how you buy Autodesk products. You will continue to work with TPM to make your purchases.

Even though Autodesk will be enforcing standard pricing, M2S Licenses are still price-protected through 2028.