Autodesk InfoDrainage

Fast, Sustainable Drainage Design

What is InfoDrainage?

InfoDrainage is a full design and analysis solution by Autodesk that helps you quickly and confidently design drainage systems. It’s fast, sustainable, and compliant with industry regulations. InfoDrainage helps developers, landscape architects, engineers, consultants, and approval authorities deliver cost-effective designs that meet or exceed regulations.

  • Design and audit drainage systems quickly and confidently
  • Designs that are sustainable, cost-effective, and compliant
  • Get access to an entire BIM (Building Information Modeling) solution

What is InfoDrainage?

InfoDrainage Key Features

  • Sustainable and traditional design

    Design both traditional and sustainable drainage systems, with generated reports for compliance.

  • Real-life view

    You can see how large a pond is, how the underdrain affects swales, and exactly how long pipes are.

  • Check details quickly

    Get accurate data exports, so you don’t waste time fixing location issues in your plans and profiles.

  • Analyze flows and flooding

    The hydraulic analysis feature is useful for designing pipes, manholes, storage, and green infrastructure to prevent downstream flooding.

  • Templated designs

    Design quickly and easily with drag-and-drop templates that already meet regulatory requirements.

  • Validate mistakes rapidly

    Quickly spot issues and have solutions proposed so that you can fix them before they become a problem.

  • Civil 3D integration

    With Civil 3D, you can easily exchange data between applications to keep your pipe networks and surfaces updated. This way, you can maintain compliance with BIM standards.

  • Clear visualization

    You can switch between different views to check how your space and setup are organized.

  • Simplified workflow

    Options such as a Ribbon and Toolbox help guide users so that they can work more effectively.

  • Natural flow-paths

    You can quickly and easily identify overland flow patterns with deluge analysis features.

Benefits of InfoDrainage

Easy to use

InfoDrainage is user-friendly and provides a quick, eco-friendly, and compliant way to design drainage systems. With InfoDrainage, you can quickly and easily design and audit drainage systems, delivering designs that meet or exceed industry regulations.

Optimize designs and save time and money

InfoDrainage’s ability to optimize design is one of its most valuable features. InfoDrainage helps you save time and money by quickly and easily creating optimized designs while still delivering a high-quality product.

Quicker approvals

InfoDrainage streamlines the approval process for reviewable drainage designs, making it easier to get your project approved.

The Various Ways You Can Use InfoDrainage

Ditch the headaches that come with drainage design.

InfoDrainage makes the drainage project lifecycle more efficient and painless by allowing users to design compliant and optimized systems quickly. InfoDrainage is easy to use, which helps to optimize designs and save time and money. Additionally, its compliance with industry regulations allows for quicker approvals.
Ditch the headaches that come with drainage design - Autodesk InfoDrainage
Seamless integration with Autodesk Civil 3D - Autodesk InfoDrainage

InfoDrainage seamlessly integrates with Civil 3D.

InfoDrainage integrates seamlessly with Civil 3D to help streamline the design process and reduce project time. Easily import and export data to and from Civil 3D to streamline your design process and reduce project time. With InfoDrainage and Civil 3D working together, you can confidently design high-quality drainage systems quickly and easily.

Simpler regulatory compliance

InfoDrainage’s auditing tools make it easy to comply with industry regulations, ensuring that your drainage designs meet or exceed all requirements. You can create custom reports and templates that meet local regulations and requirements in multiple languages and units.
Simpler regulatory compliance - Autodesk InfoDrainage
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