Do More. Print Less. Go Paperless With TPM’s Document Management Solutions.

Document management and security is a top priority and concern for firms and companies of all industry types, but time and resources can be limited when it comes to choosing and implementing solutions for going paperless and maximizing efficiency. Partnering with TPM allows you to stay productive and secure during implementation and onboarding of your customized document management solutions, while reducing costs and waste for your firm.


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TPM’s Document Management Solutions for Maximum Efficiency and Productivity

Ditch the Paper and Go Digital with Enterprise Content Management

TPM offers the opportunity to digitize and streamline your document archival, accounting, and HR workflows with enterprise content management solutions like DocuWare and Square 9 SmartSearch.

Say goodbye to filing cabinets and hello to optimization! Our expert consultants at TPM can customize solutions like DocuWare and Square 9 SmartSearch that can enable information to flow effortlessly between your decision makers, allowing you to set a new pace for productivity and teamwork. These software solutions can help you ditch the paper and go digital. By partnering with TPM, you’ll have the confidence that you’re leveraging the right technology for your unique business needs, while reducing risk and increasing profitability for your firm.

Included Features
  • Achieve greater information-processing efficiency and productivity with the core DocuWare software, the most advanced office tool of its kind.
  • Documents, both physical and electronic, are sent to digital folders that mirror the inbox on your desk by using DocuWare.
  • DocuWare is powered by an indexing feature that automatically ensures all types of documents are filed correctly.
  • SmartSearch is an Enterprise Content Management suite that organizations of all sizes use to manage their documents electronically, driving efficiency and productivity into their business processes.
  • Offered in a workgroup or enterprise configuration, SmartSearch is an affordable solution that can scale easily from the small business community to the Fortune 500.
  • It is used extensively by many paper-intensive businesses to bring greater efficiencies to their business processes.

Output Management Solutions to Reduce Cost and Cut Waste

As part of our drive to do more and print less, TPM offers solutions for scanning and distributing data such as Rules-Based Printing and Device Rationalization.

Our Rules-Based Printing Solutions allow your business to reduce costs by configuring unique parameters when printing, which help you avoid unwanted or accidental color printing and remind users to select the two-sided printing option. Device Rationalization helps users to print to the most cost-effective device possible by only releasing jobs at a particular printer. This reduces unnecessary prints that are never picked up. Additionally, accounting features inform you of printing costs attributed to certain clients, projects, individual employees, or departments, allowing you to keep track of accounts and to track employees’ printing expenditures.

Included Features
  • Uniflow allows you to preview a print job before printing, change finishing options (such as adding hole punching and stapling) and secure sensitive documents.
  • It also allows you to use a universal driver for printing to all printers and MFPs on your network.
  • Sepialine is a service that aims to cut down on waste, keep information private and secure, and fetch documents from anywhere.
  • Unclaimed and uncollected print jobs often account for a lot of waste, so with Sepialine print jobs are held until someone claims and releases them at the Multi-Function Printer, meaning that each document is truly wanted.
  • This solution also keeps documents private, ensuring that only the person with the passcode will be able to print them.
  • Other than reducing waste and cutting costs, users no longer have to waste time sharing a printer and waiting on large jobs to be finished.
  • Documents can be printed on demand, without delay, by sending the print job to any available multifunctional device within your organization.
  • Furthermore, you can increase security to only print documents when specific passwords are entered, which allows you prevent sensitive documents from being seen by other employees in the vicinity of the printer (i.e. HR documents, paychecks, etc.).

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How to Get Your Customized Document Management Game Plan

Technology and hardware alone won’t change your business, but how you use it will. That’s why the TPM game plan focuses on supplying your team with the right solutions so you can get back to doing what you do best.


Get a Quote

Start the process with a quick assessment where our team of experienced consultants will identify your specific document management needs. Your TPM consultant will then provide you with a customized plan and pricing.


Partner With TPM

Our experts will quickly bring your team up to speed by providing customized training and implementation solutions document management and scanning services, and more. TPM will immediately add efficiencies to your processes that will save you time and increase productivity.


Accelerate Your Business

With the right solutions, consolidated services, and a fully trained and capable staff, you will be confident that you are leveraging the right technology for your unique business needs, while reducing risk and increasing profitability. We will enhance your software and hardware stack so that you can win more business, create better designs and deliver more work.

Implementation, Training & Support

Successful Implementation and Onboarding

TPM will structure an implementation roadmap according to your specific design and document management needs and workflow so that you can hit the ground running. Our expert consultants will follow up your progress with a customized training plan that fits your schedule.

Outsourced Document Scanning

The first step in going paperless is getting your filing cabinets emptied and documents converted into digital files — a tremendous task that only TPM’s experts can handle. We will make sure your transition to paperless is as productive and efficient as possible.

Our Partnership Continues After the Point of Sale

Many vendors might go radio-silent after they sell you a software or hardware product, but TPM is different. We provide continued technical support to our clients for document management, and any other software or hardware that we provide to ensure that you truly maximizing the value of your investment.

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Services & Support

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Software Training

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