DELMIAWorks Manufacturing ERP Software Solution

DELMIAWorks is an end-to-end ERP System developed with a “shop floor first” focus. The solution helps mid-market manufacturers increase efficiency and visibility of performance on the plant floor.

Made for Manufacturers Looking to Grow

DELMIAWorks can help streamline both build-to-order and build-to-stock manufacturing environments. The software is a comprehensive ERP solution for mid-market manufacturers to stay lean, agile, competitive, and compliant. The DELMIAWorks system is a scalable solution that can expand and grow with you, regardless of your company size.

DELMIAWorks is ideal for:

  • Small businesses or startup manufacturing companies that want to transition from accounting software packages like QuickBooks or individual spreadsheets
  • A mid-sized manufacturing organization wishing to gain insights and operation visibility for multiple locations
  • A subsidiary of a large organization looking for a standalone MES solution to support digital manufacturing initiatives

ERP Software for small businesses
DELMIAWorks customers reduce inventory costs, eliminate downtime, control quality, automate their plant floors and gain visibility throughout their supply chains

Advantages of DELMIAWorks

DELMIAWorks Manufacturing ERP delivers end-to-end visibility of the complete manufacturing process on a single technology platform. Seeing events happening in real-time throughout the manufacturing process lets customers eliminate waste and improve efficiency.

Some efficiency improvements and waste elimination examples include:

  • 60% increase in growth without additional labor resources
  • 100% on-time delivery
  • 66% reduction in scrap
  • No shipping errors
  • 70% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Reducing repair time by 75%
  • Increased plant efficiency from 70% to 98%

What is DELMIAWorks?

The DELMIAWorks ERP system is made explicitly for manufacturing and factory environments. It was initially called IQMS EnterpriseIQ but was renamed after Dassault Systèmes acquired IQMS.

Achieve operating efficiency by streamlining your supply chain processes

Achieve operating efficiency by streamlining your supply chain processes

Combine manufacturing software, MES software, and ERP software to improve every aspect of your business

DELMIAWorks Manufacturing ERP diagram

DELMIAWorks and the 3DEXPERIENCE Works Portfolio

The DELMIAWorks software, combined with the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio, provides a seamless connection between people, applications, and real-time data. This allows for a more interactive and collaborative environment from concept to design to manufacturing to customer engagement.

Mid-market manufacturers can improve their business operations using DELMIAWorks ERP and MES functionality. This technology provides the real-time performance and scalability companies need to succeed.

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