SOLIDWORKS PDM Workflows: Tips & Traps

In over 13 years of working with SOLIDWORKS PDM I have created or modified dozens of workflows. Having spent so much time doing this I have found several tips that can save you time and enhance your workflows. I have also discovered a few traps to avoid. My goal with this article is to help you as a PDM Administrator configure workflows more efficiently.

Uncover the Value of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Recently, employers are faced with a new variety of challenges. In 2020, employers are looking for ways to cut cost and maintain their employees. Covid-19 has even made it harder to do business, especially in the service industry.

Don’t Go Out on a Limb! Use SOLIDWORKS PDM Branch and Merge

Mike DeKoning, Technical Solutions Consultant, MFG

Optimize Your Blade Design

Rob Stoklosa, Technical Solutions Consultant, MFG What a year it’s been! Kids are running around with boxes on their heads and writing on walls. Great White sharks are confusing us for seals at an alarming rate, and we are now storing large quantities of fertilizer in Tupperware. Oh, and did I mention a virus? Here at TPM, it seems our engineering challenges of 2020 have been just as mind-boggling as the rest of the events in the world. Take, for instance, Composite Airfoil Blades. They perform one task. They move fluid molecules from point A to point B while capturing […]