Bluebeam Course Index

The TPM Course Indexes showcase the wide array of classroom and online training sessions we have to offer. While our course offerings are extensive, not all courses are regularly scheduled on our events calendar. If you see a course listed in our index that is not currently scheduled on the calendar, don’t hesitate to contact us online and let us know that you would like that course offered at your nearest TPM location.

Bluebeam Courses

Length: 4 hours

Recommended software for the class: Revu 20 (any version), Revu 21 (Core or Complete)

Cost: $250

Description: This essentials course will kick start your Bluebeam journey with an introduction of the Bluebeam Revu interface, navigation tools, preferences, and interface customization. You will continue the journey with ways to access and alter your documents. On the home stretch of your journey you will learn how to utilize and export a vast array of mark-up tools available through Revu. You will also be equipped with the ability to search through a document. At the end of your journey there will be an introduction to Bluebeam Studio basics. Topics include:

  • Introduction
  • Interface Overview
  • Tool Bars
  • Command Bar
  • Panels
  • Revu Preferences
  • File Access
  • Editing Tools
  • Document Manipulation
  • Tools/Mark-ups
  • Tool Chest
  • Exporting Mark-ups
  • Search
  • Bluebeam Studio Basics

Length: 3 hours

Recommended software for the class: Revu 20 (eXtreme), Revu 21 (Complete)

Cost: $250

Description: As a continuance from our Bluebeam Essentials exploration, this Advanced level training will take a deeper dive into what Bluebeam has to offer! This experience will focus on customizing line types, stamps, and even convert simple forms into dynamic ones (Extreme version only function).  We will also investigate how creating profiles can help with standardization across your company and create custom columns that will improve the accuracy of your take offs. Our deep dive exploration will conclude with how to better manage your Bluebeam Studio Projects and Sessions. Topics include:

  • Administration Menu
  • Custom Form Creation
  • Custom Stamp Creation
  • Hyperlinking Documents
  • Layers
  • Creating Line Types
  • Profile Creation
  • Quantities
  • Custom Columns
  • Bluebeam Studio Administration