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TPM’s 3D Printing Service Brings your Prototypes and Projects to Life

Your designs are a click away from reality. Rapid prototyping and small-batch production are more accessible than ever with TPM’s 3D Printing & Manufacturing Lab. Our full-service HP Multi-Jet Fusion, FDM, SLS, and SLA printers can produce your parts in a fraction of the production time and cost of traditional manufacturing.

Whether you need a prototype or a few end-use parts and want to avoid the extra cost and effort of storing big batches, you’ll find benefits in the high-precision additive manufacturing options from TPM. We leverage the HP MJF, Markforged, and 3D Systems lines of 3D printers to print in-house.

Industry-Defining Technology

The manufacturing landscape is changing. The frustrations and cost of cumbersome parts milling and injection molding have given way to fast, affordable, and accessible 3D printing. With TPM’s cutting-edge printers, including the HP Multijet Fusion series Markforged FDM solutions and 3D Systems, you can take advantage of high-quality production without investing in an on-site printer. Businesses that partner with TPM achieve superior part quality and breakthrough printing speeds while reducing production costs.
Markforged FX20 3D printer
Carbon Fiber reinforced 3D printed turbine for Tesla

Over a Dozen Material Options

We know that every part has a purpose, and those purposes often call for high-strength, flexible, soft, or high-detail parts. You may have to work with multiple vendors and technologies, such as milling and injection molding, to get the needed parts. That’s why TPM has invested in printers with capabilities spanning plastics, TPU, resins, nylon, carbon fiber, and metal parts production so you can get all your parts needs from one team.

Save Time Over Traditional Manufacturing

The first 3D printers were developed because engineers were tired of waiting for samples of their traditionally manufactured parts. Since its inception, additive manufacturing has been about one thing: faster time to market. We know that time is a major factor in the prototyping, quality assurance, and production phases of your product manufacturing. That’s why the manufacturing experts at TPM are ready to partner with you for each stage of the process.

How to Get a Customized 3D Printing Game Plan

Our process starts with a Business Process Assessment where our Technical Solutions Consultants investigate and understand your design process, benchmark your organization within our proprietary Assessment Matrix, and then recommend solutions to move your process forward.

We strive to satisfy the needs of our business partners in a manner that exceeds their expectations for product value, service, support, and training. That’s why we’ll go the extra mile to give your team the resources they need to improve designs, deliver more work, and win more business.


Get a Quote

Start the process with a quick assessment where our team of experienced consultants will identify your specific design and build needs. Your TPM consultant will then provide you with a customized plan and pricing based on your business needs.


Get a Benchmark Print

When it comes to 3D printing, you couldn’t have found a more dedicated company in the Southeast. Before we produce your job, we will send you a benchmark print to make sure the result meets your exact specifications.


Partner With TPM

With the right solutions, consolidated services, and a fully trained and capable staff, you will be confident that you are leveraging the right technology for your unique business needs, while reducing risk and increasing profitability. We will enhance your software and hardware stack so that you can win more business, create better designs and deliver more work.

Buy an In-House 3D Printer

If you’re ready to take additive manufacturing production into your own hands, we can help you find the right printer for the job.

End-to-end 3D printer solutions that scale with your business

Your designs are a click away from reality. No matter the complexity, we have printers that can bring your creations to life with full function, color and accuracy. With your own industrial printer, you can print parts that are durable, flexible, transparent, opaque, heat-resistant or that have multi-component, moveable mechanicals.

HP Multijet Fusion Printers

The new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers will change the world by advancing radical prototyping, accelerating manufacturing up to 10 times faster, taking strength and precision to unheard-of heights. Learn how to unleash new growth and scale production with HP’s most advanced plastics 3D printing solution now.

Markforged FDM Material Options

MarkForged 3D printers empower engineers to create strong-as-metal finished parts using the right materials for the job – and removes the multiple barriers between design and production. Find out how you can own one of these industry-changing printers now.

Are you ready to take production to the next level?

Contact us for a product demo, a consultation, or to find out about our outsourced 3D printing services.