Autodesk Takeoff

Autodesk Takeoff

Generate 2D takeoffs and 3D quantities from a single solution to win more work with competitive bids.

Estimate Accurately & Win More Jobs



With cloud-based data management, estimators and construction teams can work from one source of truth.
Powered by Automation

Powered by Automation

Automate quantities from 3D models and perform more accurate 2D takeoffs to create competitive bids. Ensure the best scope of the project by collecting the most detailed quantities.


Using 3D visualization to visualize project scope can prevent rework and improve design intent and constructability. Manage construction quantities in 2D and 3D from a single inventory.

Comprehensive 2D and 3D Quantification

Cloud-Based Document Management

Make sure all project teams get the information they need with a cloud-based document management solution. Tools for collaboration, sharing, and permissions, plus integrations, make the process easier and faster.

Simplified 2D Takeoff

You can use linear, count, or area takeoff tools to capture project scope, regardless of whether you use the imperial or metric system. You can generate multiple quantities for any takeoff you draw and easily reassign takeoffs to different types. You can also improve how you organize your takeoffs by selecting from predefined or uploaded custom classification systems.

Automated 3D Takeoff

Use a Building Information Model (BIM) to generate quantities and save time visualizing project scope quickly. Use customized formulas to generate complex quantities in both 2D and 3D.

Aggregate 2D & 3D Takeoff

Combining your 2D and 3D takeoffs can help streamline the takeoff process and eliminate errors. This also makes it easier to roll up quantities by classification, type, and material, which can be helpful for integrations with Excel and other estimating solutions.
Takeoff Inventory

Additional Features

Multiple Classifications

Upload custom classifications across projects or use predefined classification systems. Materials can be classified in more than one way.

Takeoff – Any Way You Want

Based on your project’s needs, choose either imperial or metric measurements. Generate multiple quantities from a single takeoff.

Formula-Based Quantities

Our formula checker helps you Takeoff with confidence by generating complex quantities in both 2D and 3D.

Connect to Estimating Solutions

A simple Excel export of aggregated 2D and 3D quantities allows easy connection to estimate solutions.

Connect Your Teams and Data to Enhance Your Project Lifecycle

Model Conditioning

Condition Models

Optimize project efficiency, manage costs, minimize risk, and improve quality.
Centralize Project Documents

Centralize Project Documents

Manage docs in a centralized, common data environment and ensure that teams work from the latest models.
Automate Model Coordination - Autodesk Takeoff

Automate Model Coordination

Automate clash detection by publishing and aggregating all multi-discipline models into one folder.
Leverage Predictive Insights - Autodesk Takeoff

Leverage Predictive Insights

To identify trends and mitigate risks, utilize project data and dashboards.
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