Markforged 3D Printing Solutions

Markforged 3D printers empower engineers and manufacturers to create strong-as-metal finished parts using the right materials for the job – and remove the multiple barriers between design and production. With a complete line of machines made to create functional parts, Markforged has a solution to meet your manufacturing challenges.

With metal and composite options, print the parts you need efficiently with Markforged 3D Printers.

Metal X 3D Printer

The Metal X System is an accessible end-to-end metal 3D printing solution for functional metal parts, next day.

Metal X

The Markforged Metal X is a game-changer in metal 3D printing. Leveraging metal powder bound in a plastic matrix, the Metal X Printer has removed many safety risks associated with traditional metal 3D printers. Are you looking to print your next functional, metal 3D part? The Metal X is your solution.


The Wash-1 is a solvent-based debinding system. It primarily uses Opteon SF-79, a high-performance fluid designed to offer superior cleaning power, higher efficiency, and safety in an environmentally sustainable way — Opeton SF-80 or Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid can be substituted if needed.


The Markforged Sinter-2 is a highly optimized tube furnace used for sintering 3D printed metal parts. It provides leading-edge sintering reliability and run times and includes advanced safety features. The Sinter-2 can process small parts in express mode, where it can sinter up to 250g of parts in just 17 hours.

Metal X 3D Printing Process

Industrial Markforged Composite 3D Printers

The Industrial Composite 3D Printer Series combines precision with continuous fiberglass reinforcement to provide accurate, industrial-grade parts 10x stronger than ABS. Composite 3D Printing provides unparalleled strength through combined materials.


FX20 allows you to create large, robust parts while delivering maximum strength, accuracy, and consistency. Replace long-lead-time metals with high-temperature thermoplastics and continuous fiber-reinforced composites.


A game-changing way to get industrial-grade parts in hours, not weeks — the X7 carbon fiber 3D printer enables engineers and designers to fundamentally improve manufacturing operations at light speed.

Markforged X7 3D Printer


The X5 utilizes fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic to create parts 10x as strong as standard printing plastics. The laser-assisted, durably built large format machine reliably produces high-strength parts at an affordable price point in any environment.


The X3 prints strictly engineering-grade plastic parts. It leverages the incredible material qualities of Onyx, with an advanced sensor suite to deliver unparalleled reliability. Parts meet tight tolerances with a beautiful surface finish and are perfect for production line equipment.

Desktop Composite 3D Printers

The Desktop Composite Markforged Printer Series leads the way in making aluminum-strength parts right on your desktop, enabling you to generate massive value for your business.

Mark Two

The Mark Two combines Markforged’s industry-leading continuous carbon fiber reinforcement with workhorse reliability for versatile parts with 26x the strength of ABS, ready same-day for use straight off the printer.

Markforged Mark Two Desktop 3D Printer

Onyx Pro

The Onyx Pro features Markforged’s unique continuous fiber reinforcement at an affordable price. Built on a durable chassis with precision components, the Onyx Pro prints fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic parts that are 10x as strong as traditional printing plastics.

Onyx One

Built on the same platform as Markforged’s award-winning Mark Two, the Onyx One is designed from the ground up for quality and reliability in a form factor that fits on your desktop. Onyx parts are twice as strong as conventional printing plastics.

The Digital Forge

The Digital Forge is Markforged’s cloud-based software. Powered by AI, the software gets smarter with every part print you make. With an industry-leading, secure browser-based Additive Manufacturing Platform, manufacturers can combine power and speed and produce quality parts.
A black map with white, glowing lights detailing The Digital Forge's connectivity throughout the globe
Eiger software interface from Markforged.

Eiger Software

Eiger is an integrated, connected platform that quickly takes you from CAD to functional part. The browser-based 3D printing software workflows are secure, fast, and intuitive. Use Eiger to manage part files, prepare parts for print and execute part printing at the click of a button.

Services and Support from TPM

At TPM, we’re more than just a partner. From the product purchase to our implementation services, we are with you through every step of your journey. Our professional services include implementing the hardware to ensure it fits your needs and assessing your processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Have you finally purchased the end-all-be-all 3D printing solution that’s going to revolutionize your manufacturing process? At TPM, we know that just having the hardware will not change your business, but how you use it will. That’s why we offer a variety of additive manufacturing training courses, provided with your printer purchase, that will ensure you know how to leverage your new 3D printing solution efficiently. No matter your manufacturing goals, our team of experts is with you every step of the way.

TPM’s technical support options give you the assistance you need in a high-paced business world that does not allow for loss of productivity. A new hardware purchase can be overwhelming; that’s why we are committed to being your partner every step of the way. From helping you choose the right solution to providing ongoing support, TPM is here for you.

The TPM1 Premier Program is an all-inclusive solution to enhance the value of your SOLIDWORKS subscription that enables your organization to Improve Your Designs, Deliver More Work, and Win More Business. By bundling together eLearning products like SolidProfessor and discounts on professional services and more, you can’t beat the TPM1 Premier Program’s value add, especially when it comes to printing your next big SOLIDWORKS model on your new 3D printer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D Printing?
3D printing, otherwise known as additive manufacturing, is the process by which you manufacture a component by adding materials to one another. Typically in 3D printing, materials are deposited onto one another, layer by layer, building up to a complete part.
How to Smooth 3D Prints?
For most plastic 3d printed parts, you can obtain a smoother finish by utilizing some fine sandpaper and sanding down the rough edges of the print. If sanding isn’t enough, try looking back to the CAD model itself and seeing if you can directly remove the ragged edge through the CAD model. For most metal 3D printed parts, you will need an industrial sander or grinder to remove rough faces or edges.
What is Infill 3D Printing?
One of the most significant advantages of 3D printing is that we don’t always have to create fully-solid parts like how we do in traditional manufacturing. Infill is the term we use to describe the hollow material structure inside a 3D printed part – think of this as a lattice structure. This structure, or infill, is much lighter and does not sacrifice strength.
How Long Does a 3D Printer Take to Print?
The time a print takes to complete is dependent on the technology a printer uses and the size of the print taking place. For example, some printers can finish a print in minutes, and others can print the same object in days.
How to Choose a 3D Printer?
If you are having difficulty determining what 3D printer is best for you, you are not alone. The best thing you can do to figure out what printer is best for you is to ask questions, and TPM is here to help you. TPM takes pride in answering all questions related to 3D printing, no matter how basic or complex the question is. If you have a question, request a quote for a 3D printer, and our knowledgeable team will guide you in the selection process.
How to Start 3D Printing?
If you’re interested in learning how to start 3D printing, TPM is a great place to start. The traditional 3D printing process requires CAD software, slicing software, and of course, a 3D printer. TPM is unique in that we provide all three solutions and educate users on how to leverage them.

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With offices across the Southeast, TPM has been servicing architects, engineers, general contractors, and manufacturers for over 50 years with best-in-industry CAD, BIM, and manufacturing software and hardware.

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