Efficient, Easy Solutions for Getting the Job Done Right!

More than an ordinary planroom, our print rooms in Charlotte, Columbia and Greenville allow you to download easily, view quickly, distribute globally, track efficiently and print anywhere. We prioritize both convenience and quality, resulting in a process that’s painless and projects that are always superb.

Discover the Advantages of TPM’s Print Rooms:

  • Find convenience. You can click and print to one or multiple locations or your local HP printer.
  • Enjoy time-saving features. Creating professional invitation bid packages is fast and easy.
  • Opt for efficiency. Save time and money on costly printing and shipping fees
  • Choose security levels. To safeguard your drawings and specifications, you can use private planrooms. Alternatively, if you’re collaborating with a team, choose a public planroom.
  • Eliminate stress. You don’t have to wait for those long, painful downloads.
  • Stay connected. You can track your project from start to finish.
  • Maintain records. You can archive your entire project on CD-ROM, USB Flash Drive, or External Hard Drive.


To email us directly, please send to:

Greenville Print Room: greenvilleprintroom@tpm.com

Columbia Print Room: columbiaprintroom@tpm.com

Charlotte Print Room: charlotteprintroom@tpm.com

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