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Your Questions, Answered: Autodesk’s Three New AEC Cloud Offerings for BIM

  During their announcement at Autodesk University 2020, Autodesk revealed that they would be releasing three new cloud offerings this year for AEC design workflows. These new offerings will be on Autodesk’s unified platform for the AEC industry. The updates include: Autodesk Docs Autodesk will include a centralized document management solution on Autodesk Construction Cloud in the AEC Collection this year. Autodesk BIM Collaborate Autodesk’s new offering for non-authoring team members will be released this year. It will help project stakeholders follow real-time design progress and annotate design clashes. BIM 360 Design will be renamed Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro Along […]

Switching from Autodesk Multi-User to Single User

If you have been tasked with switching from Autodesk Multi-User (MU) (server based licensing) to Single-User (SU) (username based licensing), the TPM service team have some tips on how to make the process a lot smoother.

What is Generative Design?

In the age of technological breakthroughs, the way we use design software has a potential to improve and speed up design iterations. We all know that sometimes thinking about the best possible outcome of a design can prove daunting, especially when there are required parameters and or spatial requirements, along with cost constraints. At the end of the day it is about saving time, designing efficiently, and the best. With the release of Revit 2021, generative design became available to assist in quickly generating alternative designs. If you have not figured it out now Generative Design is a computer aided […]

Working From Home? TPM Can Help You Use Autodesk Remotely!

Pat Hill, Technical Solutions Manager, AEC