Image of a screen showing Autodesk Certification levels

Do I Need Autodesk Certification?

There’s no doubt that regardless of your industry or career, investing in industry-specific certifications has value. However, when it comes to software, especially software that many folks learn on the job or informally from more experienced users, it’s normal to question whether one needs to go through formal certification. However, in some cases, as with Autodesk certification, there is significant value beyond simply learning the tools of the trade.   What is Autodesk Certification? As with their varied line of software tools, Autodesk also offers certification across its software collections. A certification via an online exam validates your Autodesk skills […]
AutoCAD drawing rendered in Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk vs AutoCAD: Understanding the Difference

  In many industries, terminology gets treated interchangeably, whether it’s appropriate or not. Such is the case with Autodesk vs AutoCAD. There seems to be some confusion around how the two differentiate in internet searches, conversations, and more. Understanding how they’re connected and different is fundamental to understanding how they work within their industry verticals.   What is Autodesk? Autodesk is a suite of applications that works across multiple industries to aid and assist in the design process. Autodesk offers software for everything from the initial design phase to production workflow capabilities depending on the industry. In addition to design […]
Person on Autodesk Inventor with part model

Top 10 Autodesk Training Resources

Think about the first time you held a tool, maybe not a hammer as we seem to know how to wield those instinctively, but a power tool like a drill or circular saw. You likely had an idea how to use it, what its function was, but it probably also took someone showing you the features, the nuances, and the myriad of projects you could complete before you realized its full potential. Computer programs and software, like Autodesk, are no different. While you may know the basics, many of Autodesk’s applications feature significant depth regarding the tools they offer and […]
Construction engineers using Autodesk

Choosing the Best Autodesk Product for Your Business

“The Stone Age was marked by man’s clever use of crude tools; the information age, to date, has been marked by man’s crude use of clever tools.” While the author is unknown, there is truth to this statement. In the digital age, nearly every industry has standardized software, but how that software gets used and whether it gets used to its fullest potential depends a lot on the user’s understanding of the tool itself. For that reason, understanding how to choose the right Autodesk product for your business is crucial.   What is Autodesk? Autodesk is a complete suite of […]