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Switching from Autodesk Multi-User to Single User

If you have been tasked with switching from Autodesk Multi-User (MU) (server based licensing) to Single-User (SU) (username based licensing), the TPM service team have some tips on how to make the process a lot smoother.


Tip #1 – Add Users in Bulk

If you are the license manager, sign into the manage.autodesk.com and add every user that will be utilizing this new method of licensing. Autodesk has provided a way to add multiple users in bulk by creating a .CSV file within a bulk import method.

1.  After users have been assigned, they will receive an email to validate their account, if they already have an account, they will get a notification of change.

2. Have the users sign into their account, even though the switch has not happened this is a good step to do done prior to the switch.

Tip #2 – Relinquish all Revit Projects

Before switching from MU to SU, be sure ALL Revit projects that utilize a central file and are currently being worked on have been synced and relinquished prior to closing the software (This is a good workflow practice).

Tip #3 – Use the License Manager

1. When you are ready to make the switch, we recommend the following:

  • 2. With access to the software, open your ADSK software.
  • Select the drop down with the User ID, to access “Manage License” bringing up the license manager.
  • TIP 33. In the License Manager dialog, click Change License Type for an active license. This command allows you to choose an existing license or complete the licensing of a newly selected type. It does not remove or deactivate existing licenses.

Tip #4 – Have a Backup Plan

In the event you are not able to open/run your Autodesk software, there is a process that will allow you to switch from Multi-User to Single-User.

Please note that this process does require knowledge of the command prompt and/or assistance from your IT department. If you need further clarification or assistance please contact TPM Support 888-313-1688 | email: support@tpm.com .