What is Generative Design?

In the age of technological breakthroughs, the way we use design software has a potential to improve and speed up design iterations. We all know that sometimes thinking about the best possible outcome of a design can prove daunting, especially when there are required parameters and or spatial requirements, along with cost constraints. At the end of the day it is about saving time, designing efficiently, and the best. With the release of Revit 2021, generative design became available to assist in quickly generating alternative designs. If you have not figured it out now Generative Design is a computer aided […]

Working From Home? TPM Can Help You Use Autodesk Remotely!

Pat Hill, Technical Solutions Manager, AEC

7 Common Issues Easily Solved with Data Management

Does your engineering team voice frustration about their inability to access data quickly? Here are the top 7 problems we hear quite frequently: It takes too long to find specific models. File references are incorrect or missing. I have to ask coworkers to close files so I can work on them. I'll need to ask a coworker to send me those files. We have duplicate files; how do I know which one is most current? It takes forever just to open this one assembly! Each engineer has their own way of doing things.