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Unlocking SOLIDWORKS Licensing Insights: MyProducts Walkthrough

This article is designed for SOLIDWORKS administrators seeking to assess the SOLIDWORKS licenses linked to their organization.

A newly developed tool named MyProducts has been introduced to streamline this process and replace the functions previously housed in the now-discontinued SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal.

To utilize this tool, it is required that you hold the current role of Security Administrator within your organization and have valid access to SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services. You can do that Here.

Access My Products HERE

Within My Products, you can: 

  • View all products that contain a unique serial number
  • View license expiration
  • View Support End Date
  • Click on any product to see included products entitled by the same serial number, and activation details for that product
  • Export a detailed list of your products to a CSV file by clicking Download CSV in the top right.


Navigate to


Log in using your 3Ds account, ensuring that you have the Security Admin role assigned to your account.


Explore your SOLIDWORKS Assets!


If you wish to Export your Asset Listing as a CSV file that can be viewed within Excel or another spreadsheet product, choose the “Download CSV” button in the upper Right-Hand corner of the interface!

This CSV file will contain: 

  • Latest software year version
  • Serial Number 
  • License Type 
  • Quantity
  • Support End Date / Expiration 
  • Active Machine List

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