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The TPM Professional Services Roadmap 

How do you define success? We talk about this every day with our customers. We often hear about goals to reduce errors, increase innovation, decrease time to market, optimize workflows, and improve win rates in their businesses, but that can be a real struggleAt TPM, we define success through our ability to help our customers achieve their goals so they can improve designs, increase efficiency, and ultimately win more business. 

Focus on what you do best 

In our business, and many others, success comes from focusing on what we do best and aligning our efforts on the highest value initiatives that move our company forward. Many of the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing companies we work with strive to focus on what they do best, and that is to design, build, or manufacture the very best projects possible. Unfortunately, we also know about the daily struggle that comes with inefficient processes, frequent errors, work overload, and obstacles that hinder productivityHere is where we fit into the picture. We’ve reimagined our entire company from the ground up and have created a highly effective and repeatable process that helps our customers achieve the highest results. Here’s how.  

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Step 1: Assess 

The first, and possibly critical step in this process is one that many companies overlook. We know many leaders are eager to “hit the ground running, but we also know how important it is to establish a baseline and define successSo, we start with a detailed assessment & benchmark of your business in seven key business categories focused on your design and build process. We develop a thorough understanding of the workflows and processes that allow your business to thrive and also gain insights into where you want your company to go in the future. We benchmark and analyze both current state and the desired future state against best practices developed over 48 years working with thousands of AEC and Manufacturing clients. Finallyour team of industry experts present a clear roadmap to help move your company forward.   

Step 2: Consult 

Armed with a clear vision of success, we apply industry knowledge from a wide range of projects to develop best practices, workflows, processes, standards, and methodologies to achieve your desired outcomesConsulting engagements take shape through focused workshops, scoped projects, outsourced managed services, and outsourced production servicesThese services enable your team to leverage a breadth of expertise and remain focused on innovation. 


Step 3: Implement 

We know from experience that properly implemented solutions are critical to realize the full potential of your investment. During implementations, our Certified Consultants leverage a thorough understanding of solutions and best practices to construct, install, test and optimize. A key element during implementation is thorough testing and validation to ensure optimal performance. Implementations leverage a repeatable, defined process for efficiency and effectiveness. In fact, some engagements are completely packaged offerings fully scoped from years of experience and ready to deliver. 


Step 4: Train 

One of your biggest company assets is your people and not having them fully effective or efficient costs your company time and money. So, once implemented, we train customers on solutions so they can rapidly enhance efficiency to achieve maximum value for their teamsTPM instructorled training builds a foundation of fundamental operation, advanced capabilities, applications and best practices.  Core team training will empower your team to confidently deliver onboarding, reinforce company standards, and increase adoption and satisfaction from within your organizationThe outcome of successful training is a highly productive team that confidently leverages the right capabilities and workflows to succeed. 


Step 5: Support 

We are with you for the long term and TPM’s involvement doesn’t end once your company is equipped and trained with the right plan, technology, and processesSupport services provide customers quick access to technical staff who are knowledgeable about configured solutions. Our support team is trained and certified to enable quick resolution to problems that may arise in the initial days of using a new solution and ongoing needs of more mature solutions. We also work hand in hand to engage you throughout your journey to ensure you are maintaining the highest value return on investment for your business. And TPM’s team is here with you for each step. 


At TPM, we know that each customer’s business is unique and has its own set of initiatives, goals, and offerings. That’s why choosing the right partners is critical to your success and just as important as hiring the right employeesTPM has focused on creating this highly effective and repeatable business model to help our customers improve designs, increase efficiency, and ultimately win more business. Our 5-step process was built upon 48 years of experience working with thousands of Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing clients. We know that working with our team will help you focus your time on what you do best and ultimately get the highest value for your company.   

When you’re ready to learn more about how TPM can helpsimply fill out this form and we’ll contact you to discuss the next steps.