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Streamlining Success with TrebleHook – DP3 Architects’ Journey

DP3 Architects

“We like that TrebleHook uses one central interface and record to track a Project from its earliest stage through project completion.”

Sarah Hager, Director of Marketing, DP3 Architects

About DP3 Architects

DP3 Architects is an architecture firm that creates buildings with a purpose. They care about how their buildings will impact the people who use them daily. DP3 Architects’ mission is to create spaces that capture their client’s vision, enrich their brand, and strengthen their communities.

Challenges with the Previous Solution: Cumbersome and Non-User-Friendly

Before TrebleHook, DP3 Architects faced usability issues with their previous software. The cumbersome and non-user-friendly nature of the system hindered their efficiency and collaboration. They sought a more streamlined solution that could be easily embraced across the entire organization, driving growth and utilization.

Seeking a Comprehensive Solution for Critical Data Insights

DP3 Architects required easy access to data insights and reporting to manage their project pipeline, gain win/loss insights, and oversee multiple studios within their business. Integrating TrebleHook with their ERP solution, Deltek Ajera, and ensuring user-friendliness for studio leaders were significant factors driving their decision.

Benefitting from TrebleHook’s Centralized Interface and Project Tracking

Since adopting TrebleHook, DP3 Architects has experienced transformative benefits. The centralized interface and project tracking functionality have enabled them to make changes and updates from any location, facilitating smooth project management and enhanced collaboration.

Empowering Efficiency with an Intuitive User Interface

TrebleHook’s intuitive user interface has revolutionized DP3 Architects’ workflow. It allows them to monitor projects at various stages in their pipeline efficiently and easily manage leads for their four studios, making informed decisions promptly.

A Productive Partnership with the TrebleHook Team

Working with the TrebleHook team has been a positive experience for DP3 Architects. The team provided excellent support during implementation, explaining the system’s capabilities and guiding them effectively. The team’s responsiveness and willingness to tailor solutions to their specific needs have been highly appreciated.

Conclusion: Leveraging Data for Growth and Success

Through their collaboration with TrebleHook, DP3 Architects has achieved remarkable improvements in their operations. The user-friendly and comprehensive platform has enabled data-driven decision-making, fostering growth and success at an accelerated pace. With the ongoing support of the TrebleHook team, DP3 Architects confidently continues to deliver exceptional results to their clients.