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Upgrading to Bluebeam 21

Upgrading to Bluebeam 21

Before the most recent update, Bluebeam has been working on a perpetual license model. They have now moved to a subscription model like other software inside the AEC industry. Below we have provided the complete steps to take your previously owned seats of Bluebeam to Revu 21. These instructions are for clients currently on maintenance.

*Please note: According to Bluebeam, only the Primary or Secondary Contact for your company can upgrade your seats. The upgrade process outlined below also requires the possession of active maintenance. Net New seats should skip to step 3.

Step 1: Bluebeam Web Store

Head to the Bluebeam Web Store and “Sign In” with the Primary or Secondary Contact’s Bluebeam ID (BBID), typically the user’s email.

Buy Bluebeam Software

Follow the prompts to “Sign In,” if you do not remember your password, after hitting next, you will have the ability to choose “Having Trouble Signing In.” This option will allow you to reset your password. If you know your password, continue signing in and skip over resetting.

After successfully accessing the site, the next page will show two tabs: “Subscriptions” and “Perpetual Licenses.” This tab will be empty if you have not bought new subscription-based seats. You will click “Perpetual Licenses,” where your upgradable seats are accessed.

Choose the seats you want to upgrade by clicking “Upgrade For Free.” From here, a pop-up window will occur asking if you would like to “Add to Cart.” After selecting “Add to Cart,” the seats will be ready for checkout. (Note: if they are free to upgrade, the cost will equal $0.) Once added, at the top of your screen, select “View Cart.”

Upgrade to Complete - Bluebeam 21

Existing Bluebeam subscriptions

The following screen will show everything added to your cart (you can do multiple serial numbers simultaneously). By clicking “Check Out,” you will be taken to a screen to confirm the decision to upgrade the quantity shown to Revu 21 and provide details for your order. We DO NOT recommend trying to split up a single serial number in any amount other than the entire number of seats available.

Bluebeam Checkout Cart

Bluebeam Revu checkout screen

After filling out the Contact Information, follow through with tabs 2.- 4. in the above image.

Complete Order Screen - Bluebeam 21

Once the order is complete, you are ready to move to Step 2. During this time, the Primary Contact should receive an email from Bluebeam giving them access to the Admin Portal, where licenses are assigned and managed.

Step 2: Setting up the Bluebeam License Admin Portal

Next, head over to the Bluebeam License Admin Portal

*This will be a great time to set a bookmark for ‘Bluebeam License Admin Portal’

From here, select your respective server and sign in with your BBID and Password.

Once signed in, select the account name you want to manage the licenses (the Company name will be a hyperlinked item).

Welcome to your Bluebeam Admin Account screen

The following screen will show seat usage and other statics, users can also be assigned from this page. By clicking on “Account Administration,” the next page will provide additional options for managing the Account.

Account Administration Screen

Under the Account Admin. tab, select “Users & Tier Management.” This will have options to add users, and show users that have already been added; when accessing this for the first time, the only user seen should be the email address of the one who initiated the upgrade. It will also say “pending” by the user’s name, which will change once the invitation email has been accepted. If an invite is needed to be resent, select the three dots to the right of the user’s name and choose “Resend Invitation.”

Users and Tier Management Bluebeam Revu 21

To add users select “Create New Subscription User.”

Add New User Interface

  • Two Options to add Users
    • Add New Subscription User (One at a time)
    • Bulk Add Users, using the provided .csv file
  • Any users to assist in License Management will need also to have “Organizational Admin” selected. This can be changed at any time.

When adding users, there may be a prompt that gives access to assign a version of Bluebeam to that user at that time. However, below is the process if this option is skipped or does not happen.

Staying within the “Users & Tier Management,” scroll down to “Product and Tier Overview.” Locate the upgraded licenses and verify that the number of seats matches the amount upgraded from the Bluebeam Web Store. Upon verification, select the three dots next to the corresponding version you would like to assign users to. Select “Assign Members to Product Tier.”

Bluebeam Product Tier Overview

The following prompt will have two sides: Left Side shows Account Users, Right Side will show Current Users. By selecting the check box next to the user’s name (this can be done in multiple), the next step is to select the right arrow to add them to the Current Users column. Confirming everyone has been assigned, select “Save.”

Saving User Tiers

Once the above steps are done, all added users will have the ability to sign into their installed copy of Revu 21 (Step 3).

*Users will receive two emails when they are added as users, 1. An email with an invitation that needs to be accepted and respective information filled out once the hyperlink has been selected (a sign-in process is included), 2. Access to Bluebeam University, in which they will need to register.

Step 3: Downloading, Installing, and Activating Revu 21

The download for Revu 21 can be found in the Bluebeam Download Center

For Deployment options, see Bluebeam Technical Support Page for Deployments

Once Bluebeam.exe has been downloaded, follow the traditional steps for installing software. Users running Revu 20 will be prompted to either “Upgrade” or install “Side by Side.” Any version older than 20 will be uninstalled via the Revu 21 installer. Also, note all custom profiles and other custom items will be retained within the installation process.

Bluebeam Installation Options

After the installation is complete, there will be a prompt to “Sign In.” If that prompt does not automatically appear before the interface opens, there will be the option to sign in at the top right of Bluebeam Revu 21 (second image).

Bluebeam 21 Sign in screen

Bluebeam Revu 21 Interface

Once signed in for the first time, Bluebeam will prompt the user to upload their Tool Chest to the cloud. If “Send My Tool Chest” is selected, another dialogue box will appear to explain the process further and allow access to the Bluebeam Cloud. If “Maybe Later” is selected, this prompt will appear later.

Bluebeam Cloud prompt

This is the last prompt the users will see before enjoying their copy of Bluebeam Revu 21.

*If there are any issues with any of the steps above, please contact support at 888-313-1688 option 4, or by emailing