Bluebeam Construction Cloud: A New Level of Collaboration
Bluebeam Construction Cloud: A New Level of Collaboration
Upgrading to Bluebeam 21
Upgrading to Bluebeam 21

DocuWare: Cloud-Based Document Management Provides Manufacturers a Competitive Edge

The manufacturing industry is document-intensive by nature, and supply chain woes, strong competitive pressure, and a rapidly changing regulatory landscape affect companies of all sizes. Keeping up isn’t easy, and that’s where cloud-based document management comes in. 

It enables companies of all sizes to access technology once only available to their larger counterparts.

For customer service purposes, audits, and other uses, manufacturing documentation must be stored securely and accessible quickly. Employees waste time capturing, storing, and routing documents manually without digitization. 

During this 30-minute webinar, TPM will demonstrate DocuWare Cloud’s ability to digitalize a variety of document-intensive manufacturing processes, such as:

  • Streamlined Invoice processing and approvals
  • Painless audits
  • Improved customer service with quick access to order information
  • Easily capture and secure Quality Control & Compliance records
  • Breakdown Data Silos with ERP Integration 

All production, logistics, or accounting documents are digitized and stored in DocuWare Cloud. Whether working with design drawings, material orders, production documents, sales orders, or invoices, employees can access all documents 24/7 in the office or at home. Instant access enables your company to reduce risk, expedite production and contain costs.