Man and Woman discuss parts and design for HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer

Understanding HP 3D’s Software Solutions

If you’ve ever tried to assemble furniture without using the instructions, then you know it can be a bit more complicated than it looks. When parts come in a flat box, but the final product is a 3D object, understanding how pieces go together, especially when the instructions are simple pictures, often requires some mental processing. In 3D printing, that processing is done by specialized software that is often proprietary, depending upon the printer manufacturer. It’s worth looking at exactly how that software works and how it guides the printing process.   What Does 3D Printing Software Do? There’s quite […]

Top 6 Manufacturing Problems Solved by HP 3D Printing

Technology can be defined as the application of scientific knowledge to solve problems and there may be no better example of that than additive manufacturing and the ways in which it has changed the manufacturing sector. While there are myriad issues within the manufacturing sector that cannot be solved through technological means, the spectrum of issues and various benefits of 3D printing may make it one of the most advantageous developments since automation.   What is Additive Manufacturing? Additive manufacturing, as a term, is sometimes used interchangeably with 3D printing as it is, technically, the industrial term for the process. […]
HP Jet Fusion 5200 Printer - Front View

HP 3D Applications From the Factory Floor and Beyond

One of the most exhilarating parts of watching emerging technologies is watching how the technology itself evolves, but also the way it pushes the industries it supports or impacts to evolve as well. 3D printing is no different. What makes watching additive manufacturing so exciting is that its relationship with the industries utilizing it is symbiotic. Not only are the industries using the tech pushing 3D printer manufacturers to revolutionize and optimize their machines and materials, but those changes are enabling new uses across multiple industries.   What Is HP 3D? In 2014, HP entered the 3D printing market with […]
3D heart printed in white with HP Jet Fusion 540 3D printer - TPM

Choosing the Best Material for Your HP 3D Printer

While 3D printers may seem like complicated machines, understanding the 3D printing process and the options out there can help simplify it. While we tend to thrust 3D printing under one umbrella that fails to capture the variety of printers, the process, and the materials utilized to bring products or parts to fruition. From the different types of printers to the moving parts of the machine to the wide variety of polymers and additive materials used to create designs, understanding how it all works together and optimizing the process is vital to getting the most out of your machine.   […]