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5 Ways the TPM1 Premier Program Benefits You

TPM1 Premier Program

Let’s face it, you may have the solutions you need to get the job done, and maybe you even know how to use many key capabilities of those products, and that’s great. But, have you thought about your team and their knowledge of using those solutions efficiently? Have you implemented the right workflows and are you leveraging the latest enhancements to work most effectively? Does your current software portfolio feel complete, and does it meet your clients’ and team’s needs?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, you’re not alone by any means. Frequently, especially in today’s environment where the number of projects you and your team are taking on may seem like a dam that’s ruptured, you are likely just trying to keep your head above water and your clients happy. We’ve heard this countless times; whether it’s teams that lack knowledge in some areas or companies looking for additional solutions to complement their existing portfolio, we decided to do something about it. Enter: TPM1 Premier Program.

The TPM1 Premier Program is an all-inclusive solution to enhance your Autodesk and SOLIDWORKS subscription value enabling your organization to improve your designs, deliver more work, and win more business. The Program gives your team industry-leading productivity tools, an eLearning platform, cost-saving discounts, professional services, and more. Long story short, The TPM1 Premier Program is purpose-built. It WILL accelerate your team’s skills, and it WILL increase your team’s efficiency and give you much-needed support and solutions to add value to your processes and your existing product portfolio.

Here are five ways that the TPM1 Premier Program accomplishes these daunting tasks:



Have you ever heard the adage “knowledge is power”? Nothing rings truer than that when it comes to supplying your team with knowledge. With the TPM1 Premier Program, you can do just that, and quickly too. The Program arms your team with a vast, searchable library of short, professional video lessons and gives them the answers they need fast. These lessons integrate directly into your favorite CAD tool and place this readily accessible information right at their fingertips while they design. The best part? The eLearning libraries are powered by industry-leading eLearning solutions providers SolidProfessor and CADLearning, ensuring every piece of knowledge that your team gains is always up-to-date and impactful.



Are you curious as to how your team stacks up against your competitors? In today’s landscape, bidding on projects can be competitive, and you want to be at the top of your game when you get in front of prospective clients. Skills assessments help benchmark the current state of your team and then custom tailors impactful learning paths to build the right skills to excel where it matters most. You will be ready to take on anything that comes your way! And providing your team with industry-leading resources and a clear development path can help you attract and retain top talent.



Leaders need to be sure that their teams maximize the benefits of everything within a program the size of the TPM1 Premier Program. The built-in team progress and analytics of the Program ensure that you can do just that. Not only will it allow you to see the current progress of your team towards their learning goals, but it also keeps you up to date on the long-term path to future goals. Visibility into your team’s learning cycle can go a long way when it comes to delivering results.



Time is money! Your time, your team’s time, the companies time, all are incredibly valuable. TPM1 productivity tools weed out mundane tasks, save tons of time, and reduce errors and reworkings on projects. As a result, CAD users within your company can focus on innovation and high-value activities. Without a doubt, this has the added benefit of making team morale higher as well.



TPM1 goes beyond eLearning and productivity tools by providing designers access to a team of subject matter experts to help guide them to the many questions they may have. Backed by many years of industry experience, it’s safe to say that our Technical Solutions Consultants have “been there and done that.” Expanding your team’s knowledge and skills becomes easy and assuring when you know that you have experts to lean on, allowing your team to design with confidence.

TPM crafted the TPM1 Premier Program in direct response to the needs of our clients seeking more from their CAD solutions. The result is high-performance CAD teams dominating the industry with knowledge, tools, and expertise like never before.

When you’re ready to boost your team’s performance, visit the TPM1 Premier Program page to learn more about the benefits that the TPM1 Premier Program can bring to you.