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TPM is dedicated to sharing our experience and resources to create long-term relationships based on our philosophy of “Do More, Print Less.” By providing customized solutions from our extensive portfolio of hardware and software products, we help our customers develop a strategy focused on reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving security in regard to printing and all aspects of Document Management. On this page you can learn more about our document management software solutions and how they can benefit you.

Do More. Print Less.

Document Management Software can help you cut costs and more.

Document security and management is a topmost priority for businesses as we forge forward in the Age of Information. TPM provides both services with the aim of reducing costs, enhancing security, and streamlining digital workflows that improve productivity and cut down on waste.

What is TPM’s Document Management Service?

TPM’s Document Management Service aims to help businesses do more and print less with cutting-edge technology for scanning and distributing data. With our mission, we have an entire suite of software offerings that allow you to utilize your multifunctional devices more efficiently. TPM’s Document Security and Digital Rights Management (DRM) software deploys, manages, and audits document policies. This allows documents to be encrypted and delivered to any business’s internal Web server and/or corporate Intranet.

Rules-based Printing

Rules-Based Printing & Cost Allocation Software

Our Document & Print Solutions software can save money and time by creating parameters that will eliminate unnecessary color printing, stop paper waste on larger-scale printing, and enable the sending of documents to all available printers, thus avoiding lines and jams at single printing units. Also, it can increase your security by giving you the ability to password lock documents to protect them from being viewed by people passing by.

PDF creation

PDF Creation Software

Replace expensive Adobe products with complete and affordable PDF solutions that allow you to create, annotate, mark up, secure, and compress documents. You will also be able to create PDFs straight from your scanner and submit files through Compliance Checker, which will check for errors and allow you to fix them with one simple click. Here are a few more features.


  • Word-processing capabilities in your PDF
  • Speak your notes for faster PDF review
  • Connect your documents to the cloud
  • PDF/A compliance checker
Document Security

Document Security

Document Security and Digital Rights Management (DRM) software deploys, manages, and audits document policies. Documents may be encrypted and delivered on your own Web server and/or corporate Intranet, so you maintain total control over the entire process. Create custom policy sets for user groups and documents, and authenticate users seamlessly with their existing log-in credentials. RightsServer’s open protocol offers a versatile solution that integrates and scales to meet most complex document delivery environments.

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Peace of Mind

Are you tired of wasting money on inefficient printing operations? Do you want to have peace of mind that everything printed by your business or present on your server is intentional and secure? Then contact TPM about our document management software today.

If you are unsure about integrating the new software into your workflow, not to worry: TPM offers training and support for all of our software products. Talk with our support team or schedule a training session today.

With our software solutions and simple philosophy of “Do More, Print Less,” you will be increasing productivity while putting controls in place to properly manage all your documents.

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