Wide Format Plotters

While TPM offers a complete range of plotter and scanner equipment and solutions from HP and Océ wide-format devices, we are also very proud to offer top-notch service and supplies. Our Wide Format Solutions cater to the precision and quality demanded by creative design professionals and other specialists.

What is TPM’s Wide Format Solution?

TPM offers solutions to serve the Carolinas’ creative design needs. This includes Architects, Engineers, Construction, GIS Specialists, Graphic Designers, Marketing departments, advertising agencies, R&D Specialists, and photographers; just to name a few. Superior training and service is a hallmark of the TPM experience—we will get your documents to print correctly every time. Our experts in plotting and scanning can provide you with the best solution for you at a fair price.

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HP DesignJet
Oce Wide Format
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The Benefits of Our Wide Format Solutions

We’re dedicated to providing quality service to our customers and helping you find the best solution to meet your needs. We ensure that we have fast access to all HP product information and are able to offer our customers support and guidance on the latest technology. Additionally, we guarantee the use of genuine parts, supplies, media, and toner. Our staff of Certified Equipment Technicians is equipped to handle set-up installation as well as maintenance and lifetime support. We also have an expert team of Wide-Format Equipment Specialists on hand to handle any specific queries that arise.

If you use TPM for more than one service, we can consolidate all of your contracts so you’ll only have to deal with one contract from one vendor, and will only have to write one check for one invoice. To learn more about our full suite of Document and Print Solutions, give us a call at (800) 922-1145 or contact us online at any time.