Canon Copier Solutions

We only provide the most trustworthy and reliable hardware to meet your business’ copying needs. For this reason, we have chosen Canon—an award-winning collection of printing equipment. TPM’s Canon copier lineup includes:

  • Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE
  • Canon imageRUNNER multifunction solutions and Color imageRUNNER
  • The complete range of celebrated Canon Small Format Multi-Function copiers

Benefits of Canon Copiers

These copiers are the best in the market and offer an integrated platform. They can help optimize your business productivity, and they are always evolving and upgrading to meet changing needs. In terms of premium functionality, quality and dependability, Canon’s copiers are still the market leaders. In a time of fast-paced business productivity, Canon is able to keep abreast of ever-evolving trends and expanding broadband information networks – ensuring that your business never falls behind.

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IMAGEpress Series

imagePRESS Series

Quality. Efficiency. Speed. Flexibility. These are the words that every business wants to hear when it comes to technological solutions. All of these descriptors apply to the imagePRESS series of Canon copiers offered through TPM.

These reliable workhorses not only offer consistent, fast, high-volume output with a variety of media, along with numerous finishing options, but they deliver advanced controls with easy navigation to optimize convenience and maximize workflow. The end result is enhanced productivity that every business can appreciate.


The Canon copier solutions offered by TPM are ideal for modern businesses seeking convenience, speed, and security from their technology. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE series delivers with an innovative range of devices that offer a customizable but easy-to-use interface.

Seamless integration with hardware and software solutions allows for access with mobile devices (with safe authentication) and cloud connectivity, increasing efficiency. Security and tracking features help you control data and monitor usage. With imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices you can streamline workflow, simplify and customize processes, and manage security concerns.

IMAGErunner Advance

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Canon copiers are indisputably among the best solutions for businesses seeking efficient and effective technologies to increase productivity, add convenience, and advance operations. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE and imagePRESS series of devices meet TPM’s high standards for excellence.

Canon’s customizable, scalable solutions are eco-conscious and easy to integrate. More importantly, they are designed to address the challenges of the modern marketplace, providing you with the technological solutions needed to meet and exceed your goals. If efficiency, reliability, versatility, and data security are all high priorities, contact TPM today to find out more about the Canon copier solutions we provide.

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