MarkForged 3D printers empower engineers to create strong-as-metal finished parts using the right materials for the job – and removes the multiple barriers between design and production. MarkForged not only challenges the 3D Printing status quo, but also many traditional manufacturing methods giving our customers unprecedented cost, time and efficiency savings.

Jig & Fixture Creation

Jig and Fixture Creation

MarkForged enables engineers and machinists to create strong, durable jigs and fixtures that are available quickly and for less money than machining the part in aluminum. The Mark One 3D printer cuts the lead time until a part is in hand. Print reinforced nylon parts with fiberglass, carbon fiber, or Kevlar to increase their strength.

Customized End Use Parts

Customized End Use Parts

MarkForged enables small business owners who need customized consumer parts, the ability to get their company built up and selling quickly and without the prohibitive investment of a larger, more traditional machine or printer. Engineers can create strong, durable parts quickly and cheaply while having the ability to tweak the design and reprint when needed. Print reinforced nylon parts with fiberglass, carbon fiber, or Kevlar to strengthen them to levels typically seen with aluminum.

Assembled Parts for Production

Assembled Parts for Production

MarkForged empowers businesses with the ability to shorten lead time for the customers by providing a cost effective, fast way to print strong, functional parts. Engineers not only can create strong, durable parts quickly and cheaply, but also can tweak the design and reprint when needed.

Markforged Mark X


Uncompromised Strength, Precision and Beauty

The Mark X is the most powerful 3D printer on the market. With industrial-scale printing of incredibly strong parts and first ever precision sensing systems, the Mark X is destined to be the must-have printer for every manufacturer.

This printer combines the benefits of Markforged’s unique fiber reinforcement for parts as strong as metal with advanced “build as designed” sensors and the beautiful surface finish of Onyx. The Mark X will empower you to take any design concept and make it a reality.

Large Prints, High-Resolution

The large build volume of the Mark X makes it ideal for robotics, automotive parts, functional prototypes and prosthetics. With 50 micron resolution layer height, your parts will come out of the printer with a beautiful surface finish approaching the look and feel of injection molding.


The Mark Two combines Markforged’s innovative materials with workhorse reliability all on your desktop. It is the only affordable printer in the industry that enables you to go from CAD to strong, stiff reinforced parts in hours.

Remove the barriers between design and putting your parts to use with time and cost savings at the convenience of your desktop.

Precision Design

The Mark Two print bed clicks into place with 10 micron accuracy – allowing you to pause a print, remove the bed, add components, click the bed back in and then continue the print in the exact same position.

Markforged Mark 2

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Did you miss the part where it prints carbon fiber?

Nobody wants to pay through the nose for third-party parts manufacturing. New technologies allow for on-site 3D printing, and Markforged products are designed to cut costs, reduce production turnaround time, and provide businesses with a convenient means or creating durable, professional parts quickly and efficiently.

Markforged technology allows for reinforced printing that pairs flexible nylon fiber with sturdy fiberglass, carbon fiber, or Kevlar for parts that are built to last. For precision composite 3D printing, including functional prototypes and end-use products, the Markforged 3D printers offered by TPM are a must. Contact us today for more information.

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