eDrawings Viewer

Do you find 2D drawings to be limiting when trying to visualize a design? Would you like an environment where you can easily create 2D and 3D products and collaborate with others? At TPM, we work with many engineers, architects, and construction professionals who needed a solution to this need, so we bring you eDrawings Viewer.

eDrawings Viewer is the easier way to share 3D Data across multiple CAD environments. Augmented Reality with eDrawings mobile delivers exceptional design communication by allowing you to view your designs and concepts in the context of the real world. eDrawings removes the inherent ambiguities of 2D drawings in a lightweight file containing 2D and 3D products easily shared via email. The software also enables 3D collaboration without having to worry about software compatibility.  Here are two of the eDrawings offerings available through TPM.

eDrawings Pro

Design on the go just got better with eDrawings® Pro mobile app. Take your designs to the next level of 2D and 3D collaboration with increased interactivity, including dynamic cross section views, measurements, markup and annotations, and the ability to share your design files via email.


eDrawings® mobile app makes it easy for anyone to interpret and understand 2D and 3D design data. Open, zoom, rotate, animate, browse, store, monitor, and manage your product designs wherever you go. It’s simple to download and it supports all your CAD files. Enjoy the seamless viewing and sharing capabilities of eDrawings software on the go.

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You no longer have to be tied to a desktop computer or limited by 2D drawing. With eDrawings Viewer, 3D design is made easy and through the mobile apps, you can create and collaborate when and where it fits into your schedule.

Interested in getting this software? Contact the experts at TPM. We can help you to choose the right product and we even offer ongoing support as is needed. We will ensure you get all you can from your eDrawings software.

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