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Release Your Creativity with xShape and SOLIDWORKS

xShape is an application within the 3DSculptor Role on the 3DExperince Platform. xShape is an exciting cloud-based subdivision modeling tool that runs on a browser. The application allows users to generate freeform shapes in 3D using a workflow that feels more like sculpting than CAD modeling.

Users can then import the model into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and add additional features to complete the design for manufacturing. Suppose a change is required to the organic shape. In that case, the changes can be made within xShape and reloaded into SOLIDWORKS easily.

xShape compliments SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and offers an alternative to traditional surfacing techniques. Each face is modeled separately then knitted together to form a solid. Subdivision modeling ensures that the transition between surfaces maintains G3 continuity when desired.

In this webinar, TPM Technical Solutions Consultant, Warren McCray, covers:

  • We will introduce you to the “Robot” that’s used to push, pull, and scale a subdivision model. 
  • Show you how sectioning can provide insight into the surfaces and help with size and shape.
  • We will also demonstrate how to bring a working sub-division model into SOLIDWORKS and add additional components within an assembly file.  
  • The webinar will demonstrate how a change can be made to the sub-division model and be reloaded into SOLIDWORKS seamlessly.  

During this presentation, you will see how easy it is to use and how fun it is to create exceptional products with xShape and SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

Are you looking to learn more about leveraging the xShape application for your modeling? Check out Warren’s blog on the Pushing and Pulling of shapes in the xShape application.