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I Didn’t Know Bluebeam Could Do That!

Bluebeam Revu gives architects, engineers, and construction professionals the smart tools they need to keep their team in sync and get the job done right – anytime, anywhere. In this webinar, TPM’s Broderick Whitlock covers:

  • Mark-Up Alignment – Revu can align multiple markups to their edges (right, left, top, or bottom) or centers (horizontal or vertical). Additionally, markups can be flipped horizontally or vertically.
  • Custom Count Symbols – Don’t limit yourself to just the out-of-the-box count symbols. Create symbols that fit your industry or visually display the count numbers.
  • View Ports – What are viewports, and how do I set them up? We all know some documents may have multiple view scales on a sheet, learn how to create and manage these.
  • Spaces – Organize your markups per location throughout your document. This functionality helps with mark-up organization.