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From Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs: Eco Engineering’s Journey with TrebleHook

“You can have a process all day long, but if you don’t have a system to monitor compliance or to generate compliance, it’s like the output data is only as good as the data that you put in.”

Evan Stone, VP of Sales and Marketing, Eco Engineering

About Eco Engineering

Eco Engineering has distinguished itself as a premier EPC partner for over three decades. Serving commercial, industrial, and ESCO clients, they’ve consistently delivered impeccable results in engineering, procurement, and construction services for integrated energy projects. Their commitment to excellence, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail has set them apart in the industry.

Eco Engineering’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Evan Stone, is at the heart of the company’s strategic innovations. Evan’s vision revolves around “simplifying, automating, and innovating” to ensure the firm’s alignment with the dynamic needs of the marketplace.

The TrebleHook Journey

“When I was tasked to build out a go-to-market strategy for the renewable energy sector,” Evan recalls, “a crucial component was creating an automation strategy.” This led to TrebleHook, which seamlessly combined the reliable foundation of Salesforce with bespoke adjustments tailored to Eco Engineering’s unique processes.

Challenges Overcome with TrebleHook

Before the TrebleHook, Eco Engineering faced a myriad of challenges:

  • Data Accessibility: Evan poignantly highlighted the difficulty: “The challenges were both client-facing and internal. One significant hurdle was the ability for anyone within the organization to access and harness data for critical decision-making.”
  • Software Integrations: A disjointed system affected their internal communication. “When all our solutions were fragmented, our ability to communicate inside the organization was greatly hampered,” Evan remarked. This fragmentation starkly contrasted their goal of enhancing the front end of their operations, focusing primarily on the opportunity-to-contract process.

Evan elaborated on the pressing need for a robust compliance monitoring system, stating, “You can have a process all day long, but if you don’t have a system to monitor compliance… it’s like the output data is only as good as the data you put in.”

TrebleHook addressed these pain points by introducing a series of procedural fail-safes. “You cannot advance to the next step in the opportunity-to-contract process until certain needs are met in that previous process step,” Evan explained, highlighting the emphasis on data accuracy and compliance.

Transformative Results with TrebleHook

Evan was particularly effusive about the impact of TrebleHook on their forecasting process. “If my focus is diverted to collecting data rather than using data, there’s an inherent inefficiency in what I do,” he explained.

“Before TrebleHook, I spent up to two weeks on forecasting. Now, it’s reduced to a day.” The real-time data entry capability, whether from phones, iPads, or laptops, played a massive role in this efficiency gain.

Adoption and Experience

The transition to TrebleHook was smoother than Evan had anticipated. “Nobody in sales likes to go into CRM; it’s not fun. My concern was it would take 3-6 months for my team to buy into TrebleHook; it took one month for 100% adoption.”

This swift shift was largely credited to TrebleHook’s exceptional service, particularly their Salesforce Architect, who Evan felt became “an integral part of our organization.”

Competitive Differentiation

Eco Engineering’s partnership with TrebleHook gave them a distinct advantage in their niche market. “What we can do with TrebleHook is learn faster than our competition,” Evan stated. This rapid learning allowed them to “provide more value to our clients faster” and to “exceed client expectations.”

Partnership with the TrebleHook Team

Evan was impressed with the genuine client-centric attitude of the TrebleHook team. “When I get the impression that there’s a team rooting for me and are very much aligned on our needs, it allows me to let go of worry,” he said, contrasting this experience with the feeling of being ‘pitched’ by competitors.

A Heartfelt Recommendation

Evan’s endorsement of TrebleHook was unequivocal. “I would absolutely recommend TrebleHook. We’re still pushing the envelope as to what we can do as a partnership,” he shared, hinting at a promising future of continued collaboration.

In weaving together this Customer Story, the sincerity of Evan Stone’s experiences with TrebleHook shines through, offering a compelling testament to its transformative power.

To learn more about the great work that Eco Engineering is doing, visit their website.