The Mission of TPM

TPM began with a vision of offering architects and engineers solutions to their daily problems on the job. While this vision is not inherently unique, TPM’s approach is. We go beyond quick fixes and instead strive to be an integral source of success for designers in order to help their businesses grow.

Mission Statement

We strive to satisfy the needs of our business partners in a manner that exceeds their expectations for product value, service, support, and training. Customers are not loyal to companies; customers are loyal to persons who are friendly, fair, honest, professionals, and who “go the extra mile.”

Trademark: Thinking

Our company is built by people who agree to be a “professional thinker.” Every employee is empowered to provide superior customer service and is expected to treat each customer as he or she expects to be treated.

Great Expectations

“Nothing happens unless you make it happen.” Not only is the market changing, but the speed of those changes is increasing weekly. We must embrace the change; never stop learning.

Our Dedication

In the words of our founder Jerry Cooper, “We’re dedicated to design professionals. We’re dedicated to guarantee great service. If it’s not right, we’ll make it right.”

One way TPM demonstrates its dedication to the design community is by providing clients the ease of vendor consolidation. Because most of TPM’s clients are managing multiple projects and customers of their own, doing business with one vendor rather than several is vital for staying organized and maximizing their time.

Big company resources with a small company feel—that’s a phrase you’ll hear a lot at TPM. As a family-founded and family-focused company, TPM keeps that idea at the center of every product and service we deliver. As our customers’ needs evolve, our company does too. We will stay on the forefront of technology, never forgetting the reasons why our customers do business with us and why we’re successful together.