Our Industries

In a market that’s changing on a weekly and even daily basis, TPM chooses to embrace that change and never stop learning. Our commitment to learning goes beyond new products from Autodesk and SOLIDWORKS or emerging technology from HP and Canon; we’re constantly studying the industries that our customers constitute.

Changes in 3D printing, document management systems, and AEC software are full of surprises, and we make it our goal to always be prepared for how quickly and how often the market fluctuates.

From the technology that’s available and the ways our customers are using it, to the people we employ and the services we offer, every change is not only influenced by the industry, but these changes gradually begin to influence the industry’s direction.

A Source of Knowledge and Support

The main objective of TPM is to enhance design, data, and document management processes for our AEC and manufacturing customers. Here’s what this means:

  • Bringing products to market faster
  • Collaborating with stakeholders more efficiently
  • Reducing cost
  • Reducing risk
  • Ensuring a more profitable business overall

Solutions That Set Us Apart

No other company offers the grouping of solutions that TPM does. Not one.

The industry itself is overflowing with SOLIDWORKS providers, Autodesk providers, copier companies, scanning and document management companies, 3D printing companies, general printing companies, and more. But TPM is the only company that offers all of these solutions in one place. The breadth of services we offer to our customers truly differentiates us from the competition.

While some companies providing multiple services across different industries may result in subpar support, TPM has proven otherwise. Our laser focus on the design community directs everything we do—the products we offer, the customers we pursue, and the industries we dominate.

Simplicity Doesn’t Mean Shortcuts

By providing complete solutions in one place, TPM simplifies our customers’ business processes. We call this vendor consolidation, and we like it because we’re able to take a holistic approach to our services and provide our customers with the very best, most focused solutions from beginning to end.

Our customers appreciate the time and money they save (5-10% on average) with vendor consolidation. For example, while one business might use three or four different vendors for multiple services, TPM’s clients trust us with all of their 3D design needs. The best part is, they only have to sign one contract and pay one invoice while receiving undivided services and support.

When you no longer have to sort through contracts, invoices and contact information, you can dedicate more time to pursuing the core mission and vision of your business. And that’s what TPM is all about – enabling our clients to pursue excellence in their industry.

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What is life without color?

When you’re ready to advertise your business, stay with the company you already trust. TPM’s Color Lab takes vendor consolidation a step further by offering marketing materials like event displays, banners, indoor and outdoor signage, and vehicle graphics. All of these advertising solutions are created on site, and when they’re finished, our team is ready to manage the installation.

Show your prospective clients the spectrum of products and services your business has to offer by displaying professional artwork from the Color Lab.