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Crafting Memorable Experiences: A Starr Design Customer Story

Starr Design and TPM Customer Story

“TPM has taken what started as a simple vendor relationship and turned it into a design software, visualization and printing partnership.”

Steve Starr, Chief, Starr Design

About Starr Design

With decades of experience in the industry, Steve Starr has become a nationally-recognized leader in restaurant and retail design. His focus on branding, consumer behavior, and the development process has made him a sought-after expert in the hospitality industry.

At Starr Design in Charlotte, NC, Steve leads a creative, multi-disciplinary team of architects, interior designers, graphics designers, and branding professionals. Together, they connect people with brands through creative environments and responsible processes, partnering with clients across the U.S. and globally to create inspiring designs that make a difference.

Efficient Workflows and Improved Project Delivery

Collaborating with TPM has been an absolute pleasure for Starr Design. The partnership began with a focus on optimizing Autodesk/Revit and PDF workflows for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

TPM’s introduction of Bluebeam, coupled with outstanding training, now makes it an indispensable part of Starr Design’s project delivery process from start to finish.

Standardization of Revit and BIM Practices

TPM’s expertise extended beyond software workflows. They assisted Starr Design in refining their Revit standards and played an active role in meticulously documenting all their BIM practices and procedures.

Starr Design achieved streamlined operations and improved collaboration by clearly communicating and adopting these standards across the firm.

Optimized Printing Solutions

Impressed by TPM’s consulting services, Starr Design entrusted all their printing needs to them. TPM’s upgrade of their in-house color printing capabilities and large format plotting delivered a cost-effective package.

This arrangement allowed Starr Design to print either in-house or through TPM at the same cost to their clients, offering unmatched flexibility without cost concerns.

The seamless integration of TPM’s expertise not only enhanced Starr Design’s efficiency and productivity but also elevated the overall quality of their projects.

As a result, Starr Design continued to inspire and leave a lasting impact through their innovative designs.