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Little Diversified Architects

“TPM’s service and proactiveness has far exceeded our expectations. We receive immediate attention at all times.”

Terry Bradshow, Chief Financial Officer, Little

About Little

Little, an esteemed international architecture and design firm, is recognized for developing exceptional design solutions that generate business results in the workplace, community, healthcare, and retail industries.

With over 400 professionals, Little delivers results beyond architecture by combining expertise in traditional architectural services (architecture, engineering, interior architecture) with proficiency in additional diversified architectural consulting services (land development services, facilities planning and space management consulting, graphic design, building technology applications, and computer animation and internet application services).

Enhancing Client Service through Technology with TPM

As the Chief Financial Officer of Little, Terry Bradshaw was interviewed to shed light on the firm’s partnership with TPM.

According to Bradshaw, the collaboration with TPM has proven to be an outstanding endeavor. TPM understood their immediate needs and proactively introduced them to cutting-edge technology that enhanced their ability to serve clients effectively.

Bradshaw emphasized, “TPM’s service and proactiveness have far exceeded our expectations. We receive immediate attention at all times, and their support has been invaluable in streamlining our operations and enhancing client satisfaction.”

A Trusted Business Partner and Resource for Innovation

Beyond meeting their technology needs, Terry Bradshaw highlights that Little views TPM as a trusted business partner. They rely on TPM for exceptional services and as a source of fresh ideas and solutions. Bradshaw appreciates that TPM proactively informs them about potential price increases, helping them make informed decisions while managing costs.

“We value TPM’s expertise and responsiveness. They consistently act as a resource for new ideas and initiatives,” says Bradshaw.